Mark a breakthrough in modern style, Delta’s Trilliant collection features a design from the concept of prismatic cross-sections, creating sharp, unique, and fanciful angular accents.

Design ideas

The design of the Trilliant shower set was born from the design inspiration of architect Eche Martinez. Similar to many of his designs, it’s inspired by the cross-section of a prism. In this case, a cross-section from the gem of the same name. The Trilliant design quickly became a symbol of modern beauty and was equally durable at the same time.

Modern technology

Outstand technologies are incorporated in the Trillian luxury bathroom collection:

Diamond™ Seal: Breakthrough technology helps the faucet operate smoothly, limiting water leakage after long-term use.

TempAssure®: Technology that controls hot and cold water temperatures, ensuring the water temperature is not suddenly increased or decreased.

MultiChoice® Integrated Shower Diverter: Multi-function converter. Products will be easier to install and upgrade than ever previous, maximizing usability.


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