From October 31st – November 17th, 2020, welcome the global shopping week – the Black Friday event with many attractive offers from Uuviet Solutions (UVS)

Uuviet Solutions (UVS) introduces the main character of this Black Friday week, Axent brand from Switzerland. Established in 2008, the AXENT Group is a leading manufacturer of sanitary technology and a global supplier of shower toilets. To strengthen customer relations and extend its global reach, AXENT opened an office in the US and developed a European base in Switzerland.

AXENT’s product portfolio includes leading-edge shower toilets, high-quality sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, and bathtubs as well as innovative performance technology for bathroom products.

Axent toilet bowl

As a product that affirms Axent’s brand in the international market, let’s take a look at the differences of Axent toilet bowls that other brands of sanitary ware do not have.

  • V Flush technology for fast and powerful discharge, water-savings mode up to 25%.
  • Using Polypropylene as the main material and activated by smartphones, lavish toilet bowls are like thrones.
  • Luxury in design, variety of designs: Neoclassical, modern, Indochina,v.v..suitable for all styles of homeowners.
  • Automatic washing mode before and after: 2-port nozzle is made of stainless steel, can adjust warm water mode, automatic deodorizing sensor when sitting down.
  • Electronic cover: Self-activation mode opens and closes thanks to sensors, automatic discharge function, heated seats, and “pretreatment” function.
  • Spray water around before starting and integrate a music speaker system while using the toilet.
  • UV light: Integrated inside the toilet lid, works in conjunction with a warm air drying system with optimally adjustable air speed and temperature to help you feel clean and dry.

Axent sink

Made from shiny porcelain enamel material, good heat resistance helps to minimize staining and yellowing over time. Axent sinks have a variety of designs, from luxurious and sophisticated to pot models with simple but equally sophisticated designs, suitable for all requirements of homeowners. In the Black Friday whirlwind of Uuviet Solutions (UVS), Axent sinks also participate in attractive offers of up to 50% off.

Program details:

  • Sale up to 50% off with Axent sink and toilet bowl (Applicable to each product).
  • Time: October 17th – October 30th, 2020
  • Note:

* Not applicable simultaneously with other promotions.

* Please contact 1900 0378 for more information.


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