THE KINTSU™ BATH collection is inspired by the art of Kintsugi through the juxtaposition of gold cracked ceramic pieces from Japan, creating innovative geometric patterns throughout the collection.

“KINTSU” embodies the Japandi style combined with the “Wabi-Sabi” design philosophy, which honors the beauty of imperfection, impermanence, and unfinished business.

Symbolizing this concept, the shower faucet KINTSU™ has a versatile design, one handle with glossy lines no interruption when the faucet turns on and off, and the handle traditional cross shape for architectural purposes.

Seth Fritz, industrial designer BRIZO, says: “The bath should be a destination where one finds balance.” So the BRIZO® – THE KINTSU™ BATH collection offers the perfect blend of images. Inspired by design trends, a unique and splendid meld of Kintsugi art and Wabi Sabi philosophy, offering cutting-edge technology inspired by natural materials, ensures each individual finds the perfect balance. own economy.” 

In addition to the reverence for natural materials, the collection still values the importance of personal creativity with five stone-encrusted hot and cold hand swab options: Mother of Pearl, Concrete, Teak, All-Metal with a hollow design, and a customization option that allows for unique mosaic freedom.

Through THE KINTSU™ BATH collection, BRIZO presents a new luxurious matte finish Brilliance® Black Onyx, providing depth and nuance for a sense of ultimate class. In addition, the collection features other unique colors such as Brilliance® Luxe Gold®, Brilliance® Luxe Nickel®, and Polished Chrome.

THE KINTSU™ BATH collection offers a drastic change in modern control technology, such as the stone showerhead with a rotating nozzle to the multi-function wall-mounted shower and the new Raincan faucet – both with unique spray offers mesmerizing elegance.

BRIZO is a luxury bathroom furniture brand for those who understand that fashion is not just about the clothes they wear – it’s about a whole lifestyle from the little things in life.

BRIZO creates unique designs. Not only complete high-class interior architecture but also inspire ingenious stories through every delicate interior detail.


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