Inspired by the Art Deco period of the 1920s-1930s, Delta’s Dryden collection is designed to follow the geometric lines and shapes found in the architecture of the period. In honor of Helen Dryden, an artist who developed and popularized Art Deco fashion drawings of the 1920s, this collection has been named after her.

Regal from every angle

From all directions, the line of sink faucets is sophisticated and unique in art. The collection’s geometric edges with bold lines are suitable for all styles from traditional, classic, and modern.

The Dryen collection features a variety of wash basin faucet models: 3-hole countertop faucets, 1-hole countertop faucets, and 3-holes wall-mount faucets.

Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucets - 3 Holes Countertop Faucets

The unique geometric design, a traditional faucet with a sophisticated look, is a perfectly modern and classic bathroom.

Single Handle Faucet - 1 Hole Table Faucet

With a convenient compact size that creates plenty of space, the slimline design is the perfect accent in almost any bathroom style.

Two Handle Wall Mount Faucet - 3 Hole Wall Faucet

Exclusive contrast design, the 3-hole wall-mount faucet is suitable for mounting over the either modern or traditional sink in the bathroom.

Fashionable in every moment

Dryden bathtub faucet is delicately designed to create its own style with two separate forms: a bathtub faucet located on the pedestal and a bathtub faucet combined with a hand shower.

Advanced plating color

The Dryden collection includes five trendy plating colors: Chrome, Stainless Steel, Champagne Bronze, Venetian Bronze, and Polished Nickel, suitable for classic and modern, and Dryden is one of the collections that meet many different choices of bathroom design.

Modern technology

BST Dryden gồm 5 màu mạ thời thượng bao gồm Chrome, Stainless Steel, Champagne Bronze, Venetian Bronze, Polished Nickel, phù hợp trong thiết kế cổ điển lẫn hiện đại, Dryden là một trong những bộ sưu tập đáp ứng được nhiều sự lựa chọn khác nhau trong phong cách thiết kế nhà tắm.

Modern technology

In addition to a variety of styles and classy designs, the Dryden collection is also integrated with the most modern technologies to bring a perfect experience for users:

  • Delta® SpotShield™: Water and fingerprint resistant technology keep your faucet cleaner, avoiding fingerprints.
  • Diamond™ Seal Technology: Diamond-coated porcelain technology helps the faucet operate smoothly, limiting water leakage after long-term use.
  • InnoFlex PEX WATERWAYS: Using certified PEX pipe according to American medical standards. They use to guide water on the sink faucet from the source to the top of the filter and keep the water source not in contact directly with metal to reduce lead contamination.
  • Touch20®: The touch system of “Touch Off – Touch On” technology is integrated into the entire faucet body, meaning you can start the water source with just one touch on the handle, faucet mouth, or anywhere and turning it off is as simple as that.
  • WaterSense® Label: Certified to save 20% water compared to industry standard without compromising water efficiency.

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