Ramses – The essence of perfection

In Western beliefs, the sound of church bells represented the purest sounds, evoking deep emotions and the mystery of life.

With the Ramses bathroom collection, Gerhard Jörger has brought a classic style to life, the soul of which is ancient bells. Every elegant and delicate detail exudes sophistication and perfection.

Exquisite, empathetic inspiration

Talking about the details of Jörger’s Ramses collection, it is impossible not to mention the soft petal motifs. The handle in the shape of a rose, the shower suddenly elegant and lovely like fresh petals. The cross-handle design adds to the enchanting beauty of Ramses, while the Albanolà in a funky and modern style.

The structure of the shower is firm, shower’s heads are elegant and gracefully-crafted. Based on the shape of the inclined flower, the Ramses’ design is uniform and is a harmonious combination with the main idea from the ancient bell.

Choice of accessories and finishing colors

Besides, the idea of ​​a noble bellflower is also cleverly put into the Ramses accessories by Gerhard Jörger, evoking flexibility and elegance at first sight. A unique and sophisticated hand-carved surface with 14 colors forward customers a relaxing feeling.

Affirming their values ​​and as “King of the King” position, the Jörger family carefully selects precious materials: gold plating, Swavoski stone… all have global certificates.

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