A home is always a place to return to, no matter where we go and how tired or stuck in the chaos and worries. We go home to be at peace and find peace in our souls. The bathroom – is a place that plays an essential role for us to connect with relaxation, be immersed in peace, and improve our quality of life.

Soaking in the bathtub and “swinging” to your favorite melody are all brilliant experiences, bringing the feeling of maximum relaxation both physically and mentally. With its powerful emotional connection, music is one of the most effective mood healers. Enjoy and choose the type of connection promotion sound that is right for you through the suggestions from UUVIET SOLUTIONS (UVS).


When stress is utter, numerous people think that listening to music is just a waste of time. They continue to deal with the mess, so they are stuck in chaotic thoughts. So stop thinking, let’s listen to music that helps reduce stress, and rest and relax a bit. A small change in choosing to listen to music when stressed can help you work more productively every day.

Each person has a different way of choosing music to reduce stress. Therefore, it is impossible to judge which music helps to reduce stress better than another. However, according to scientific studies, choosing a melody that helps reduce stress without words, slow tempo, and wooden instruments will help relieve stress better.


Someone Like You – Adele

A ballad with a gentle rhythm from the female singer Adele will help you dispel fatigue. The song is about the confused mood of the girl when she learns that her ex now has a new lover. The song is contemporary pop music combined with classical piano instruments, providing a musical experience effectively.

Please Don’t Go – Barcelona

With a snug lyrical voice and mellow melody, Please Don’t Go is like a cup of hot cocoa that helps you slowly regain your spirit. Classical music is an effective stress reliever.

The Show – Lenka

The Show is one of the famous songs that made the name of Australian painter Lenka. Possessing a moderate tempo and bright melody combined with Lenka’s sweet voice, stress must also disappear to give way to the excitement that makes you want to dance to the music.


Music with a gentle tempo and low volume helps regulate heart rate and reduce stress hormones in the body. Music helps you to slow down, calm down, think clearly, and make better decisions. Music without lyrics also lets you focus on work. Below are the songs selected by UUVIET SOLUTIONS (UVS) to bring you to a quiet, relaxing space, separate from the inherent noise of life.

”Weightless” – Marconi Union
“Watermark” – Enya
“Electra” – Airstream
“We can fly”- Rue du Soleil (Café Del Mar)
“Meditation music”- Monoman


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