EXAL: Different – Class – Upscale

Simple, slim, and immersing in a world of carefully plated colors, the Exal bathroom collection ushers in a unique style that breaks all the rules yet retains class luxury.

Design ideas

Nature is always an endless source of inspiration for all creations for living space. Not out of that creativity, the image of a flying crane with a slim, light, luxurious body inspired Oliver Jörger to create an eye-catching Exal collection.

Simple shape with slightly curved faucet head, soft but no less attractive, contributing to bringing a dynamic style to the bathroom, shaping the class of homeowners.

The design harmonizes the handle and the faucet body with simple curves, creating elegant and harmonious lines.

World of colors

The highlight of the Exal collection is the variety of colors, with 27 unique shades reminiscent of a gorgeous, iridescent crane, giving the bathroom a personality and a creative atmosphere: dynamic, modern, luxurious in a minimalist style, elegant, and classic.

Eight new youthful and bright colors have been added: Azure matt, apple green matt, purple matt, pink matt, turquoise matt, red matt, orange matt, and yellow matt. Bring a variety of choices, and freely express your style.

Noise Solution

Certified by TüV in the summer of 2020, the “Exal” collection meets the noise level I requirements (By definition, accessories in this noise class develop a maximum noise level of 20 decibels in water, normally pressure of 3 bar), which means the sound comes out softly like rustling leaves.

Classy Founded

Founded in 1909 with the mission of designing and perfecting the bathrooms for palaces in the German states, Jörger has spent more than a century perfecting design style and product quality. To bring a unique experience in a harmonious and aesthetic bathing space, affirming the pinnacle value of a European luxury shower and faucet brand.

Jörger showers and accessories are manufactured from the finest materials carefully selected to ensure a consistent level of the original design. The raw material is a high-grade copper alloy. The product is shaped before going through the process of grinding and polishing by hand and final the surface finishing, all with attention to every detail in order to achieve the highest quality to absolute finesse.


Established in 2010, Uuviet Solutions (UVS) is a leading distributor of comprehensive solutions for bathroom furniture and high-end security equipment in Vietnam with more than 10 famous brands worldwide, ranging from super luxury class (Jörger) to the 5-star segment (Brizo, Delta, Axent, Bagnodesign, Bette, Innoci, etc.). Multi-style, multi-brand, multi-segment – there is always more than one optimal solution for each individual choice at Uuviet Solutions (UVS).