Thanks to the endless artistic hands of great designers, such as Molldesign studios and Schmiddem Design studios have implemented maximum customizability to meet the demanding needs of customers.

Achieving high-end products, Bette has created a new forming technology in which the steel is not stretched as before but is pulled smoothly and gently by applying very high pressure. The result is a relatively thin, uniform sheet of material that Bette can machine with absolute precision.

Once drawn, it can be cut to different sizes and machined separately, with over 600 colors and many options to select. Customization is a must for Bette, a brand that can bring customers personalized designs down to the smallest detail.

Before sustainability became a central issue 60 years ago, Bette used 100% natural and recyclable materials such as glass and steel. Until now, Bette products still put the environment-friendly factor first. Bette’s furniture is very suitable for the home of customers. They are committed to sustainable construction. For further assurance, Bette has obtained ISO 14025 certification from the US Green Building Council for compliance with the LEED certification system.

For us, design is more than creation. With bathroom elements, we create architectural freedom and combine the highest aesthetic standards with technical sophistication.

BetteLux Shape has a natural flowing steel design look that is clear and concise at the same time. The BetteLux Shape is uplifting by a frame made of powder-coated steel that combines reduction and light. BetteLux Shape comes in six different frame colors and sizes and commits to the black and white lineup.

Together with renowned designers, we are constantly redefining the strain limits of steel. It creates tubs, sinks, and harmonious shower surfaces in the room. The variety of shapes and variations allows architects and designers the freedom to construct individual bathroom designs – with craftsmanship and impeccable aesthetic standards.

Our understanding of aesthetics is that the interaction between forms and colors affects the subconscious mind. BETTE has used this knowledge to develop bathroom products for different design lines. Our bathroom elements are part of an interior design called BetteLux Shape.


Established in 2010, Uuviet Solutions (UVS) is a leading distributor of comprehensive solutions for bathroom furniture and high-end security equipment in Vietnam with more than 10 famous brands worldwide, ranging from super luxury class (Jörger) to the 5-star segment (Brizo, Delta, Axent, Bagnodesign, Bette, Innoci, etc.). Multi-style, multi-brand, multi-segment – there is always more than one optimal solution for each individual choice at Uuviet Solutions (UVS).