Cleaning the restroom is a task, and the customer must finish to keep it clean and safe for their health. However, every family hasn’t enough time to clean the toilet because this task takes a lot of time to feel obsessed with stubborn stains and unpleasant odors.

Bathrooms and toilets are one of the most used areas in the home, so this is an opportunity for bacteria to multiply and grow. To protect the health of you and your loved ones, let’s “pocket” these simple but effective ways to clean toilets and bathrooms!


Remove all unnecessary items from the bathroom.

You can take away items that shouldn’t be in the bathroom, such as clothes, cups, and trash cans. Move the edge of the table or portable cabinet to clean under it.

Equip the necessary tools

There are gloves, rubber boots, masks, and glasses. These are the first things you need to keep your skin from contact with soaps or irritating detergents. Remember to wash them after each use!

A brush is an indispensable tool because it will make it easier for you to scrub the yellow stains on the grout or toilet bowl.


Toilet cleaning

Start by putting some cleaning product in the toilet bowl, good suggestion, and for you, use a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar to clean and polish it, and pour it on the rim. Toilet cleaning products need time to work before scrubbing and flushing.

Sanitize the washbasin

Wash your hands after touching the toilet. That keeps your hands free of bacteria and will also help wash away any dirt that might have gotten on the sink. Use a clean, dry cloth to remove the excess water on the sink. Then, clean the entire tub and faucet with specialized cleaning products.

Clean the bathroom

Use a bathroom floor brush, paying close attention to nooks and crannies to remove accumulated dirt, or you can use a vacuum cleaner if your bathroom carpeting.


Take advantage of ventilation fans

Turning on the bathroom exhaust fan can prevent mold and save you from having to clean your bathroom more often. Remember to turn on the fan after leaving the bathroom to help keep the bathroom dry and prevent moisture.

Tidy up the bathroom

If clothes in the bathroom are filled, you can place a rattan or even a cardboard basket in the bathroom to collect all the dirty clothes. Place the toothbrush in the cup or basket. Put other items in an old shoebox and place them under the sink to help keep the bathroom surface tidy.

Advices are:

  • Wear rubber gloves for hygiene.
  • Don’t forget to clean the ceiling. You can clean it by spraying a cleaning solution on the mold spots.
  • The rubber brush makes the glass look clean without any water retention.
  • You can polish the glass with standard shaving cream. You just put the cream on the mirror and rub it evenly. The cream will not scratch or affect the mirror. It will help the mirror shine brighter.
  • Remember that mold’s number one enemy is bleach. You only need to put a little bleach on the mold, and there is no need to scrub further.


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