Bagnodesign Ceiling Shower SMOOTH SKIN, EMOTIONS SPRING

Bathing with a shower brings many benefits, such as the ability to stimulate acupuncture points, enhance blood circulation, help the body feel refreshed, and better health.

Gentle on the skin

As a high-end product, Bagnodesign’s wall-mounted shower has advantages that not all types have:

  • Create a modern, classy space
  • Make the space more airy, neat, and delicate
  • Very easy to clean
  • Create comfort and relaxation for homeowners with the multi-jet discharge function. In addition, there is also a function of creating a waterfall at the ceiling lotus bowl.

The structure of the wall lotus also has parts such as lotus root, lotus bowl, lotus string, and lotus tree. The highlight of the set of wall-mounted lotus plants is that the entire pipe and body are installed in the wall, and the rest is placed outdoors. Therefore, a careful calculation is required for easy installation.

Full of emotions

Bagnodesign’s shower bowl has a diverse design, with a large cross-section and a large spray area, allowing the water source to spread from head to toe continuously throughout the bathing process. The body will avoid being cold with warm water all over the body.

More specifically, thanks to the flow, as soon as you open it, the temperature of the massage LED will light up with different colors without having to use batteries or an external power source. That is the outstanding technology that Bagnodesign’s designers have worked hard to research.

At this time, the user will immediately feel the muscles reduce pain and fatigue by the effect of the water jets. The spread of water from the head down also helps to massage the head, reducing stress and fatigue.


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