The mission and responsibility of the Bette brand always come from quality, and wholeheartedness has created the core values ​​​​in sanitary ware products. Durable materials and trendy, luxurious design bring a commitment to long-term companionship with its customers. Join Uuviet Solutions (UVS) to learn the great things that make up Bette’s materials.

The story is called enameled titanium steel material

As early as 1952, BETTE decided to use natural materials such as glass and steel. That combination creates a durable steel enamel. With a passion for the ideal of creating sustainable value, the BETTE brand upholds the concept of timeless quality. Since then, products manufactured from enameled titanium steel have had a longer life than other materials, making them the perfect choice in the bathroom, with a commitment of up to 30 years to accompany you.

Elements that make up the excellent design of the BETTE brand

High-temperature resistance, chemical resistance

BetteGlasur® is flame retardant and non-flammable. Even burning candles will not harm the surface of our steel enamel bath.

The material is resistant to chemical products such as cosmetics, bath products, and even nail polish that do not leave any marks.

UV resistant

The “Wet in Wet” process helps products stay colored and bright, as vibrant as the first day, even after many years.


The glass surface is hard and void-free, with almost no breeding ground for dirt and bacteria. That sets it apart from other tiled materials or areas.

Premium quality with outstanding features

With scratch-resistant, non-porous, and permanent UV protection, the combination of steel with the unique properties of glass provides a solid, secure and comfortable experience.

Easy cleaning

With BetteGlasur® material, you will not need detergents or sophisticated machines. A damp cloth is enough to maintain sanitary equipment to be cleaner, shiner, a psychological choice that saves time on cleaning.


The sanitary ware in the bathroom made from the BETTE brand is sturdy, keeping its beauty intact during use. That helps to protect the environment and save costs. BETTE always aims at positive values and puts the thoughts of its customers first.


The BetteGlasur® glazed and pore-free surface makes the surface resistant to bacteria and dirt – a prerequisite for perfect cleanliness in the bathroom.

30 years warranty

Our enameled titanium steel with sheet-thin BetteGlaze® has a unique shape, is phenomenally resistant, and is built to last forever. We guarantee you 30 years on this.


The steel enamel of the bathtub and washbasin from the BETTE brand is made from natural raw materials of steel and glass. Therefore, our glazed bathroom elements are 100% recyclable.


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