The “Valencia” range of fittings and accessories, glamorous and elegantly stylish, unites classic elegance, luxurious gracefulness and modern functionality in unique harmony.

It was the innovative and sophisticated interior design of modern, luxury automobiles which inspired designer Oliver Jörger to create the “Valencia” range of fittings and accessories. The extraordinary combination of three styles creates an outstanding and new trend in the bathroom, in very special, sophisticated quality.

The style composition harmoniously covers the entire bathroom range – from the washbasin and bidet to shower head and bathtub. The impressive black crystal gives the range a luxurious and glamorous appearance. The smooth surface in combination with the strikingly designed knurl in industrial style embodies the modern character. The aesthetic outlet – timelessly elegant in its form.

This combination of styles is also fully captured in design-coordinated accessories. Perfectly crafted, hand-finished surfaces enhance the modern, elegant and luxurious bathroom.

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Through its simple, dynamic design and carefully selected colour worlds, the “Exal“ range of fittings and accessories unfolds a completely unique style in the bathroom.

Flowing lightness characterizes the “Exal” range of fittings and accessories. The crane in flight with its slender, purposeful and arrow-like body inspired designer Oliver Jörger to create the modern design of “Exal”. The clear, simple shape with the curved outlet endows a dynamic style upon the bathroom.

Various selected colour schemes, reminiscent of a magnificent, iridescent hummingbird, give the bathroom an individual character and an innovative ambience: from modern and minimalist to luxurious and avant-garde to classically elegant.

The colours – 27 in all – can be combined in the entire programme for bathtub, shower, washbasin and bidet as well as with a wide range of matching accessories. Handcrafted, exclusive finishes complete the design. For a stylish dynamic in the bathroom.

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The modern, straight-lined series of fixtures and accessories „Empire Royal Crystal“, with its shining crystals, lends the bathroom a graceful style.

Inspired by the magic effect of a diamond, designer Oliver Jörger developed the „Empire Royal Crystal“ series of taps and accessories. In the shape of a reversed pyramid, the handles of the modern, straight-lined collection are made from high quality, polished crystals.

The line shape of the basis series „Empire Royal“, with its aesthetic fixture outlet, is clear and reduced. The graceful arch, reaching up from the square rosette is absolutely unique.

The puristic elegance continues throughout the entire bathroom range – from the washbasin and bathtub to the bidet and shower taps – and a variety of accessories in matching design. Hand-worked, exclusive surfaces are combinable with crystals in clear and black and define the style in many ways – from a modern work of art to a stylish, luxurious feel.

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With its precious procelain, formed into graceful and timeless flowers, the classical range of fittings and accessories, “Belledor” bestows an exquisite shine upon the bathroom.

Aesthetically, classic elegance has always been timeless. The noble character of porcelain inspired Oliver Jörger to create the elegant bathroom collection “Belledor”.

This collection is reminiscent of the unique preciousness and extraordinary timlessness that has signified this exquisite, handcrafted material for centuries. Delicate and graceful, whilst possessing astonishingly resilient qualities, the white gold from the procelain manufacturer FÜRSTENBERG gives the bathroom a sublime value.

The design takes up on the ornamental floral decoration, synonymous with the tradition of porcelain art.

Stylishly matched accessories prefectly complement the entire series in their outstanding design. Exclusive, handcrafted surfaces refine the contemporary bathroom perfectly, into a classic style.

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Modern architecture inspired Oliver Jörger with the idea for the artistic design of the “Turn” series of fixtures and accessories.

The artistically wound form gives the fixture, “Turn” its expressive, sculptural character and a high level of recognition. Oliver Jörger developed the dynamic design, inspired by the spectacular Infinity Tower in Dubai: the square body turns impressively 90 degrees around its own axis.

The interesting contrast of shape and elements is harmoniously entwined into the entire range. The modern design details play with the form in all variations for washbasins, showers and bathtubs.

A wide range of accessories, in matching design, pick up on the stylish, elegant turn of the geometric form and round off the bathroom beautifully: the dynamic form of the rosette is unusually harmonious with the linear fixing elements. Sophisticated surfaces accompany the fixtures and accessories of the “Turn” series, manufactured with familiar precision.

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