With its precious procelain, formed into graceful and timeless flowers, the classical range of fittings and accessories, “Belledor” bestows an exquisite shine upon the bathroom. Aesthetically, classic elegance has always been timeless. The noble character of porcelain inspired Oliver Jörger to create the elegant bathroom collection “Belledor”. This collection is reminiscent of the unique preciousness and extraordinary timlessness that has signified this exquisite, handcrafted material for centuries. Delicate and graceful, whilst possessing astonishingly resilient qualities, the white gold from the procelain manufacturer FÜRSTENBERG gives the bathroom a sublime value. The design takes up on the ornamental floral decoration, synonymous with the tradition of porcelain art. Stylishly matched accessories prefectly complement the entire series in their outstanding design. Exclusive, handcrafted surfaces refine the contemporary bathroom perfectly, into a classic style.