The modern, straight-lined series of fixtures and accessories „Empire Royal Crystal“, with its shining crystals, lends the bathroom a graceful style. Inspired by the magic effect of a diamond, designer Oliver Jörger developed the „Empire Royal Crystal“ series of taps and accessories. In the shape of a reversed pyramid, the handles of the modern, straight-lined collection are made from high quality, polished crystals. The line shape of the basis series „Empire Royal“, with its aesthetic fixture outlet, is clear and reduced. The graceful arch, reaching up from the square rosette is absolutely unique. The puristic elegance continues throughout the entire bathroom range – from the washbasin and bathtub to the bidet and shower taps – and a variety of accessories in matching design. Hand-worked, exclusive surfaces are combinable with crystals in clear and black and define the style in many ways – from a modern work of art to a stylish, luxurious feel.