The minimalist yet striking bathroom design makes Bagnodesign’s Zephyr collection a great symphony for a resort masterpiece.

With the motto of upgrading the bathroom to become a perfect relaxing place in your home, the Zephyr collection will bring the most comfortable experiences to help everyone in the family relax and re-energize. After a stressful day of work or study.

Diversity in design

Inspired by colorful square blocks that blend like an autumn symphony, both strength and personality while maintaining a soft touch. Looking at Zephyr, homeowners will feel the charm and luxury thanks to the sophisticated art of craftsmanship, bringing creative inspiration to the modern bathroom space.

Not only impressive thanks to the design, but the collections of the Bagnodesign brand also focus on user experience when providing a synchronized bathroom solution including shower, sink, bathtub, and accessories, bringing harmony. Suitable for all user needs.

Zephyr’s installation methods are diverse and suitable for all spaces, helping homeowners optimize the selection time, increase the aesthetics, and bring class and elegance to your family bathroom space.

Various plating colors

Instead of single colors, the highlight of the Zephyr collection is the use of 6 trendy plating colors to create accents for a classy and personal bathroom space.

Despite using angular squares for decoration, Zephyr also skillfully blends mysterious black and luxurious gold exuding, an intense vibe between extreme soothing natural colors to help balance the whole. Set up your family resort’s modern bathroom space.

Bagnodesign is a reputable brand from the UK, specializing in providing comprehensive bathroom types of equipment. Include showers, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, shelves, and accessories. Whether it’s a coat hanger or rain shower, a timeless classic, or a contemporary twist, Bagnodesign has everything you need to make your dream bathroom come true.


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