Besides Santa Claus, snowmen or reindeer, there are also trees that when people mention their names, will immediately think of the Christmas season. Imagining a bathroom filled with the colors and scents of this warm holiday is a fabulous experience.

Fragrant Tung

Fragrant pine tree with a light scent helps repel mosquitoes and reduce stress, dispelling all pressures in work and life. Pineapple is one of the beautiful and meaningful trees as gifts for loved ones at Christmas.


Poinsettias bring warmth, reunion, and joy and have many good meanings, representing luck and success in work and life. In particular, it also adds a vibrant atmosphere to your house.


Mistletoe is a popular artificial plant sold during the holidays. Especially mistletoe has become a symbol of eternal love. Putting them in the bathroom will feel the Christmas atmosphere in your home.

Mini Christmas tree

Of course, the holiday season wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its star: the Christmas tree. Over time, sizes and colors have been customized to suit different spaces and give you endless opportunities to be creative.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose the right tree to decorate this Christmas season. Feel the wonderful benefits that trees bring to our lives.


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