Providing customers a diverse lifestyle, comfort and health protection are the top criterias at Uuviet Solutions (UVS). Touch Reduction & Bacteria-free are our demonstration of cleaning solutions right in your own home, making it easier and more effective than ever to protect the health of the whole family.

Providing customers with a diverse lifestyle, comfort and health protection are the top criteria at Uuviet Solutions (UVS). Touch Reduction & Bacteria-free are our demonstrations of cleaning solutions right in your own home, making it easier and more effective than ever to protect the health of the whole family.

1. Sensor Lava Faucet

As one of the leading technology trends in the world, Cloud Sensor (Proximity) has been applied on the Lava faucet of Delta Faucets (USA), bringing convenience to hand washing with the no-touch feature.

Unlike infrared sensor faucets, Proximity technology allows you to move your hand flexibly in many positions instead of just putting your hand under the faucet, creating a sense of initiative even when you’re in a hurry

  • Easily choose the right sensor position, allowing you to put your hands comfortably in multiple positions.
  • Large water droplets lightly disperse, providing a complete cleaning experience and saving water up to 20-40%.
  • Limit direct touching or frequently having to open and close the handle, reducing the risk of germs remaining on the hands.

2. Kitchen faucet with Touch off - Touch on

The new generation Touch2O technology kitchen faucet from Delta Faucets synchronously combines both outstanding features Touch Off – Touch On and Cloud Sensor, bringing unprecedented technological miracles in starting the kitchen faucet with just the touch of a hand in any position.

Unlike conventional touch technologies, the touch system of Touch off – Touch open technology is integrated throughout the entire faucet body, meaning you can start the water supply with just one touch on the wiper, faucet, or anywhere and the operation is as simple as that. Especially with an accurate and extremely sensitive touch, you can use the Touch off – Make the process of cooking and cleaning the kitchen convenient become significantly easier with just the touch of your hands.

  • Stylish, sophisticated, and luxurious design, turning work in the kitchen into a happy moment.
  • Saving water by 20-30% compared to conventional kitchen faucets.
  • Contribute to preventing the spread of pathogens on the surface of the hose, better protecting the whole family.

3. Automatic induction toilet

The breakthrough in the application of smart toilet technology of Axent One C Plus is a big step forward, allowing the integration of advanced automatic touch features. Now, everything automatically with this magic toilet bowl, providing a more comfortable, clean, and safe experience.

The toilet can automatically flush and automatically open and close without the need of touching. In other words, you and your whole family do not need to touch the surface of the toilet, minimizing the risk of bacteria infection from bathroom equipment.

Check out 11 pre-eminent features of the Axent One C Plus toilet:

  • The lid automatically opens and closes, no need to touch the toilet surface with your hands
  • Automatically clean the faucet and toilet bowl after each use
  • Adjust the temperature of the seat to suit your body temperature
  • Automatic washing faucet with 2 washing modes: before and after washing for comprehensive-cleaning effect
  • Water jet massage function
  • Heat drying function with adjustable temperature
  • Adjust the water temperature, spray direction and spray pressure of the washing nozzle
  • V Flush technology for fast, powerful flushing and up to 25% water savings
  • Automatic deodorization function to keep the space fresh
  • LED light sensor at night
  • Polished porcelain surface, easy to clean.

Experience the cutting-edge technology of high-end appliances in the bathroom and kitchen at Uuviet Solutions (UVS): 

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