With the development of society, Vietnamese people have changed their minds from thinking that bathing is a daily hygiene procedure, just done quickly. Now, there is a trend to relax in the bathtub. Therefore, the floor-standing bathtub has become a highlight to help the investor raise the value of the project.

Was known as a high-end brand, so Bette is always associated with luxury, also a strong sales “key” for investors thanks to competitive prices compared to high-end segments. Other, there is a variety in design and color, creating a unique and different lifestyle. With a warranty of up to 30 years on enamel surfaces, Bette is committed to providing customers with safety and peace of mind when using.

Below are the top 5 models of high-end floor-standing bathtubs, giving the bathroom a more luxurious look:

BetteForm - Simple and chastity moments

For owners who love simplicity, BetteForm will be the perfect choice for you. Bringing the style of a classic bathtub, combined with a softly curved rim, creates a highlight for the bathroom space. It was designed with a suitable slope, quickly dispelling the uncomfortable feeling when the homeowner leans back slightly.

BetteForm has diversity with 12 different sizes and colors, suitable for each design style, bathroom area as well as the weight and height of family members.

BetteClassic - Exquisite in every line

BetteClassic gives homeowners a design that is both familiar but still different. Thanks to unique colors and sophistication in each line. At this time, homeowners can transform their family’s bathroom into a classy bathroom space with mystery black or noble yellow.

Thanks to its elegant and delicate design, BetteClassic fits into many bathroom spaces: modern to traditional styles. In addition, with a depth of about 45cm, ensuring homeowners have a relaxing bath space like being in a spa.

BetteSelect - Elegant highlight for life

The familiar oval design and sinuously curved bathtub wall with the slope of the bathtub will help homeowners reward themselves with the perfect relaxing moments. With eight different sizes and 13 unique colors for homeowners to choose from: warm red; glossy white for those who love classic and traditional beauty; The calm blue will make anyone’s heart flutter towards nature and the sea; Gentle beige will be very suitable for customers who love modernity, fashion.

BetteStarlet - Extending sublime emotions

Dispelling the idea that an oval tub will take up a lot of space in the room, BetteStarlet has perfect symmetry, suitable for a variety of different interior styles: Classic, neoclassical, modern, and modern. BetteStarlet brings back the charm and character to the bathroom corner.

Still made of enameled titanium steel, BetteStarlet won the hearts of everyone because of its outstanding features and safety for users because the bathtub surface is covered with a layer of enamel to limit slip.

BetteLux Oval - Elegant, Flexible

It is not an exaggeration to say that the BetteLux Oval bathtub looks simple but has a rare elegance. Because of the sophisticated design and clever highlight of the bathtub lines. Depending on their needs, homeowners can comfortably use it as a floor-standing bath or build a pedestal.

With many different sizes, the BetteLux Oval bathtub weighs 43.5kg, it can hold 150 liters of water, and the thickness of the ultra-thin rim is only 8mm, which will give elegant and softened feelings, creating harmony between luxury space.


Why is Bette always the first choice of investors?

Proven through a series of famous hotel and resort projects around the world: Le Cinq Codet Hotel (France), Nanjing Jumeirah Hotel (China), Sans Souci Hotel (Australia), and other architectural works. Bette attracts the attention of investors thanks to:

  • Always put quality first, so Bette pays close attention to even the smallest detail.
  • Many awards were typical: the Reddot award, the Interior innovation award, and Design Plus. Bette is the perfect choice for different design styles.
  • With constant effort, Bette offers more than 500 different colors, turning your bathroom into an emotional experience space.
  • Using “Titanium Enameled Steel” as the cardinal material, the surface of the Bette bathtub is sturdier than marble, plastic, or other steel.
  • Warranty policy of up to 30 years on enamel surfaces, durable over time.

Benefits of the enameled titanium steel tub

  • High strength and sturdy.
  • Resistant to damage caused by chemicals and corrosive cleaning products.
  • Steel is a very hygienic surface that dirt and bacteria cannot adhere to hard glass surfaces. Bette tubs are superior to softer materials or tiled areas.
  • Shock Resistant – The secret behind BetteGlaze® is the strength of its ultra-thin layer, which remains soft and resilient against the forces commonly found in the bathroom, providing absolute impact resistance.
  • Heat conduction – Enameled titanium steel is a perfect conductor of heat. Supporting the absorption of water warmth fast, including the neck area and around the edge, helping users enjoy great comfort.
  • Scratch Resistance – The surface of BetteGlaze® is sturdier than marble, plastic, or steel. It is unlikely to be damaged by any materials commonly found in bathrooms.
  • UV Resistance – Thanks to Bette’s “wet-in-wet” process, the Enamel helps the bath retain its color and prevent fading. That means that even after many years, the surface will still be as bright and shiny as the first day.
  • Heatproof – flame retardant and non-flammable. Even a burning candle will not damage the surface.
  • Steel is pressed during manufacturing to produce sharp, clean, flat lines.


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