The intersection of old and modern: The Rook

“Loving beauty is enjoyment. Creating beauty is an art.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Unique creativity with the idea of ​​​​images of chess pieces, combined with a design that shows the movement of the flow, The Rook creates an unprecedented harmonious and colorful space.

Referring to The Rook, people immediately remember the interference between the quintessence of the early 1990s and the breakthrough of contemporary art. In The Rook, There is both the softness of the curves on the faucet body and the masculinity of the angles on the handle. That is also a typical bathroom collection for the neoclassical style of the Brizo brand.

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The Rook has fully integrated with Brizo’s top technologies as:

  • H2Okinetic rain shower technology: Rain shower technology has three times more water coverage. Providing a unique massage experience while saving water up to 40% compared to conventional shower heads.
  • Features combining 2 in 1 shower head and hand shower Hydrati™ 2|1 Showers: Integrating shower head and hand shower in the same design.
  • Touch on and off technology combined with cloud touch Smarttouch Plus™: Touch on and off technology makes it easy to start and lock the water source when not in use.

Diverse colors for your bathroom designed The Rook’s color choices, from basics colors like Chrome, Bronze, and Gold to unique colors like Zanzibar, Luxe Nickel, Polished Nickel, Matt Black – Luxe Nickel.

To demonstrate the product quality of Brizo – the leading luxury fashion faucet brand in the US, we commit to a global 5-year warranty.

Products are currently on display at Showroom Uuviet Solution (UVS)!

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