AXENT.ONE – AXENT’s award-winning design is now even more transcendent. With elegant curves and a seamless surface, Axent creates a toilet with the subtle beauty of simplicity. AXENT.ONE redefines a modern toilet and transforms the bathroom into a sanctuary of luxury.

AXENT.ONE VỚI INFINITY FLUSH is the perfect solution to dirt and toilet paper – using the world’s most powerful whirlpool. Accelerated centrifugal force blows away all waste quickly and reliably.

The AXENT.ONE control system is easy to use. All functions and positions are adjusted extremely simply with one hand. A control can regulate the faucet flow and the water temperature. It is easy to use as the crown on a Swiss watch.

The lid and seat have sophisticated technology using a quiet closing mechanism that doesn’t make loud noises, easy removal, and excellent antibacterial coating, making for a winning battle. AXENT.ONE toilet is the crystallization of aesthetics and thinking.

The flush can be as loud as a vacuum cleaner, but with AXENT.ONE is not because the powerful whirlpool flushes the entire toilet at a lower noise level than conversational voices. Sounds good, right?

Nature calls at night, but you don’t want to turn on the lights? AXENT.ONE can help you stay in sleep mode. The night light is built-in without having to reach for the light switch. Turn it on automatically depending on the ambient brightness, or turn it off if you like.

AXENT.ONE – a perfect design that’s easy to use in any bathroom with lots of modern functionality and a sophisticated look that’s comfortable to sit on. It is essential because when you start using it With AXENT.ONE’s auto wash, you’ll never want to stop.

Auto wash mode adjustable: cool but not cold, warm but not hot. The spray is firm but not strong, gentle but not too soft. Perfectly regulate temperature and pressure in 4 small increments to ensure excellent accuracy. It has a heater inside, so you don’t have to wait because the warm water is always at the tap.


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