The Atavis™ Bath Collection by Brizo® Revives Vintage Styling with a Turn-of-the-Century Aesthetic

Reimagining a turn-of-the-century aesthetic, the new Atavis™ Bath Collection by Brizo® takes its cues from classic machinery paired with the confident, refined look of iconic menswear. The name “Atavis” was inspired by the Latin word for forefather, representing the legacy of inherited style. The collection is steeped in history, yet blazes a new path forward.

Representative of a time reborn, the intersecting cross handles and tee joints are reminiscent of classic iron piping, providing a softened take on a machine age aesthetic. The concentric base, made up of stacked rings, creates an intriguing complexity of proportion and scale. With a wide array of configurations, available with lever or cross-handle options, the Atavis Bath Collection provides a sophisticated, transitional look, easily adapted to suit any space.


The name “Atavis” is inspired by the Latin word for ancestry, representing inheritance. Therefore, the collection has made a distinct mark in history, and at the same time opened a new era in creating a trend of high-class bathroom design. Reinterpreting a classic aesthetic, Brizo®’s Atavis™ Bath collection combines the beauty of the past with the icons of the 4.0 era.


“I drew on several eras throughout history to merge different aesthetics in a new way,” said Seth Fritz, Brizo senior industrial designer. “Traditional architecture and vintage styling come together with modern finishes. As a result, the collection feels both familiar and avant-garde—born of the present, yet with echoes from the past.”


Representing the rebirth of time, the crossed handles and joints exude a soft, quintessential beauty. The concentric base is designed with stacked rings, creating a creative layout of proportions. The Atavis bathtub collection offers a sophisticated look that is easy to adjust to any space.


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