So the first six months of 2021 have passed. As the wounds of Covid-19 from 2020 have not yet healed, a new outbreak has hit our lives hard again.

Schools have been temporarily closed, community activities have changed, and many small businesses and shops have had to close to surrender to the epidemic. Major companies have adopted a work-from-home campaign to ensure the safety and health of employees and the community. That is a difficult time: it requires us to be careful in our community interactions. But also an opportunity for each of us to care for and support each other.

Not staying out of that battle, Uu Viet Solutions introduces to you and your family a solution to protect health and safety with the product line “Reduce Touch – Reduce Corona” from Delta – A pioneering brand in modern technologies.



Delta’s cloud sensor technology is a perfect choice in the current “no-touch” trend of users.

  • Delta’s cloud sensor technology is a perfect choice in the current “no-touch” trend of users.
  •  Sensor technology within a distance of 10cm without touching the faucet helps ensure safety, avoiding the spread of bacteria.
  •  Induction of the entire faucet body, so it can be activated from many sides, convenient for use.
  •  Cloud technology is not affected by “ambient light” and “clothing color” to increase product life.
  •  Touch can customize the activation distance and usage time depending on user needs.
  •  A separable sensor unit is convenient for operation and maintenance and repair.
  •  Battery-operated sensors limit electrical risks to ensure safety for adults and children.



Superior sensor technology helps users prevent the spread of pathogens, better protecting the whole family.

The kitchen space is a place used by the family a lot in daily life and is also a place where many bacteria can accumulate if they don’t pay more attention to preservation and hygiene.

The kitchen faucet with Touch2O.xt technology combined with Proximity is integrated into the entire faucet body to help start the water source with a light touch of your finger or hand, even wrist, or arm in any position. The faucet provides maximum convenience, avoids contamination, and helps limit the spread of bacteria on the faucet surface.

Delta TempSense® LED lights change color to warn of water temperature, ensuring safety for young children.


Together with Uu Viet Solutions, protect the health of your loved ones with unique and smart devices with advanced technology to maximize your family life.

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