The brilliant experiences from Bagnodesign’s high-end sanitary wares will turn the bathroom into a great private relaxation place.

The trend of shopping for high-end, synchronous sanitary ware from brands and designs, especially by collection, has long become a habit of many people. As a result, the bathroom space becomes harmonious and personal.

With Bagnodesign’s M-Line collection, homeowners are overwhelmed by the sophisticated and luxurious space with the variety of designs, models, materials, and colors that help determine the ability and the aesthetic of designers and homeowners in the minimalist trend of modern times.

M-Line: More than subtlety

The M-Line collection not only promotes the freedom and aesthetic eye of the owner but also affirms the level thanks to the leading British brand. It has been widely present in fields, villas, high-class apartments, five-star buildings, and hotels/resorts worldwide.

Not only that, the common point of the Bagnodesign brand is a set of high-end sanitary ware, a lifespan, and unchanged features, so you can rest assured to choose any model you like.

Diversity in design

Inspired by contemporary art style but still following the minimalist trend, M-Line has a balance thanks to simplicity. The lines are sharp but still strong without using many complicated details. Homeowners can experiment with different styles and color schemes to create unique differences.

Not only impressive in design, but Bagnodesign also focuses on user experience when providing a perfect bathroom solution. Including shower, sink, bathtub, and accessories bringing harmonies and meeting all demands.

Variety of materials

Not tied to a few materials on the market, M-Line has a variety: wood, copper, and porcelain. Homeowners can freely mix & match each accessory together, creating a unique bathroom.

Various plating colors

Bagnodesign’s variety of plating colors is evident in the M-Line collection, using many unique colors and smooth surfaces. 

M-Line’s high-grade Chrome plating color has outstanding shine and does not leak holes, oxidation, and abrasion. Therefore, limiting bacteria on the surface of utensils, thereby helping the family. You avoid pathogens.

In addition, the innovative Matte black plating or the luxurious Gold color brings many imprints, helping homeowners to have comfort and consistent with the enduring aesthetic over the years.

Bagnodesign is a reputable brand from the UK, specializing in providing a comprehensive bathroom solution package including shower, sink, toilet, bathtub, shelves, and accessories. Whether it’s a coat hanger, a rain shower, a timeless classic, or a contemporary twist, Bagnodesign has everything you need to make your dream bathroom come true.


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