Bringing nature into the bathroom helps bring an ideal relaxing space for homeowners on a hot summer day.

Summer is approaching. The hot weather makes many people feel extremely stuffy. At times like these, just an airy, close-to-nature bathroom, enjoying the vibrant beauty from Brizo’s Litze collection will contribute to bringing enjoyable moments of relaxation to everyone on sunny summer days.

Design ideas

Inspired by the dominant spirit of the Bauhaus school of art, Litze is a perfect combination of unique artistic thinking and practical application, suitable for many different design styles, skillfully able to match every design style, and has outstanding aesthetics.

Minimalist industrial design, combined with the purposeful arrangement of knurling motifs and wooden levers, Litze brings a modern, luxurious space, showing the class of the owner.

Refreshing all-day

Understanding the needs of homeowners to enjoy, the Litze collection integrates modern but no less nostalgic technologies to create a sense of comfort on summer days:

H20Kinetic®: Rain shower technology gives 3 times more water coverage but saves water up to 30% compared to conventional showers. Bringing a refreshing bathing experience, differentiated by massage water beads.

Hydrati 2|1 Handshowers: Shower design with built-in shower — seamlessly held in place by MagneDock® technology.

Magnedock® Technology: Eliminating the need for screws, Brizo has developed Neodymium technology, or rare earth magnets, to keep the surface of the handle flat, easy to clean and maintain.

Physical Vapor Plating Technology: The traditional architecture of the bathroom suite takes on a regal air in the new Brilliance ® Polished Gold finish, which, combined with physical vapor coating technology, creates a variety of plating colors like Brilliance ® Luxe Nickel ®, etc. There is a breakthrough combination of unique wood and plating colors, creating a rare luxury.

In addition, to create the ultimate feeling of refreshment, homeowners should have a combination of Litze and light, soft colors to make the bathroom more fresh, lively, and joyful.


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