Understanding the need to pamper yourself, intelligent bathroom brand Brizo brings the Invari collection with modern but nostalgic experiences, creating a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Outstanding technology application. The Invari intelligent bathroom collection gives customers a completely new experience, enjoying the relaxation of modern technology in a classy design thanks to the beautiful and luxurious design as if entering the guests. 5-star hotel.

Future Masterpiece

Famous as the most intelligent bathroom brand in the world. Brizo collections cleverly put renowned technologies into everyday life, helping homeowners raise the bar:

  • H20Kinetic®: Rain shower technology gives three times more water coverage but saves water up to 30% compared to conventional showers. Create a refreshing, different bathing experience thanks to the massage water particles.
  • Hydrati® 2|1 Hand Shower: Shower design with built-in shower — seamlessly held in place by MagneDock® technology.
  • Physical Vapor Plating Technology: The traditional architecture of the bathroom suite takes on a regal air in the new Brilliance ® Polished Gold finish, which, combined with physical vapor coating technology, creates a variety of plating colors. Such as Brilliance ® Luxe Nickel ®, Brilliance ® Luxe Gold ™, Brilliance ® Luxe Steel ™, and Polished Chrome.
  • Sliding shower arm: Feeling graceful can be raised and lowered at an angle of up to 10.5 degrees, suitable for all heights, giving users a more luxurious and convenient experience.

Beautiful peak

In Latin, Invari means “unchanged”. Inspired by classic Edwardian designs, harmoniously combined with technology from the future, Invari embodies the character of liberated tradition:

“Neither nostalgic for the past, nor forgetting the heritage that the ancients have left. leave”.

The metal joints are hand-assembled, while the base is honed, creating precision down to the last detail, combined with a refined design for a sophisticated, sophisticated embellishment that matches the fit of the body in every space.

“The aesthetic moves up and down, but the principles of good design last” says Celine Garland, lead designer at Brizo. The Invari bathroom collection epitomizes this timeless appeal, balancing modern elements with classic designs to create a timeless style.

With a wide range of faucet configurations, finishes, and handles, the Invari™ clever bathroom collection offers a wide range of options to suit your taste.


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