As an impressive device with unexpected utilities, Innoci’s ENC2165W-3 electronic toilet will give homeowners the most comfortable and relaxing experience, especially in the cold winter. 

“The nightmare of a winter day is using a frozen toilet” is a funny saying when the winter comes. However, this is the obsession of many people. The moment they put themselves on the toilet, the feeling of numbness that comes to every cell is horrifying!

As a modern solution, appreciated by experts and consumers from the beginning, the ENC2165W-3 smart toilet from the Innoci brand will help dispel the cold thoroughly.

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Smart toilet ENC2165W-3: A versatile, comprehensive solution for customers

Featuring a comfortable oval design, which helps to increase the softness of the bathroom, and a multi-function knob to create a luxurious, classy, but equally sophisticated space for the homeowner.

To dispel the cold in winter, the toilet ENC2165W-3 is pre-installed with heating mode, with five different heat frames, and the highest is 38°C, safe for everyone, including baby skin. In particular, the lid of the ENC2165W-3 is made from PP plastic with a super-quiet opening and closing design, so homeowners will never have problems closing the lid with loud noises.

Morden wash faucet is made from 304 stainless steel, antibacterial with many washing modes, selecting a simple button on the control panel to clean gently. Users can adjust the water temperature, helping to minimize the cold. After cleaning, you can use the drying feature with the control panel. The air drying system works within 4 minutes with a custom temperature that gives a dry and fresh feeling.

Innoci - Comprehensive bathroom solution

Inheriting the thoroughness and perfectionism of the Germans, shower products, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, mirrors, and accessories before being shipped from the Innoci factory must go through a rigorous censorship process, ensuring perfection to every detail. Innoci’s outstanding bathroom design style brings a fresh experience. Every detail, even the smallest, is carefully cared for, distinct in every line, impressive in form, and subtle in the combination of materials to create a luxurious and elegant bathroom space.


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