With luxurious and modern features, Innoci bathtub will be the highlight to help your bathroom become classy and sophisticated.

Innoci bathtub is an indispensable choice for high-end projects, helping to increase the value and support to take care of family members. The unique white matt surface treatment to boost the aesthetic appeal of the bathtub NB25611M-5 | NB25711M-5| NB25811M-5 becoming a gentle soul in the soul is a more suitable choice.

High-Quality Material

Inheriting the thoroughness and perfection of the Germans, bathtub NB25611M-5 | NB25711M-5| NB25811M-5 of Innoci brand is a high-class product manufactured on modern and advanced production lines.

Innoci’s elegant bathroom design style brings a fresh experience. Every detail, even the smallest, is carefully cared for by the designers, clearly in every line. Impressive form and sophistication in the combination of materials create a rare luxurious and elegant bathroom space.

Using high-quality Acrylic plastic material with the advantages of durability over time, ease of cleaning, with a protective layer to prevent dirt and bacteria. Combined with ingenious surface treatment technology, creating a unique matte white color suitable for the interior design style of 2021.

Modern design

With three different sizes: 1600x700x600mm, 1700x750x600mm, and 1800x800x600mm, Innoci’s bathtub is suitable for all spaces, large and small, to meet all the needs of homeowners. Design model according to the latest trend in 2021 – Minimalist but sophisticated style.

High level of safety

As a criterion put on top by the manufacturer, bath products are designed with a smooth surface, and anti-slip. Suitable for families with babies and the elderly.

Innoci - The ultimate bathroom solution

Constantly pursuing the “people-oriented” design philosophy, Innoci always brings AIO (All-in-one) solutions – a comprehensive and optimal bathroom solution for a fresh and inspiring experience space touch. Sophisticated, empathetic, unpretentious, but extremely fashionable, Innoci bathroom products help you complete your space in style.


Up to now, Innoci’s products have been present in more than 30 countries and regions with a variety of large projects such as 5-star hotels/resorts and luxury apartment complexes.

Innoci floor-standing bathtub model NB25611M-5 | NB25711M-5| NB25811M-5 is the perfect choice for any home bathroom.


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