The bathroom is one of the most frequently used spaces in the house but the least aesthetically pleasing. However, if invested and cared for carefully, the bathroom will be the place to show the personal style of the owner, create a feeling of comfort and luxury and make a big impression on the guests when entering.

To have a perfect space to help you relax, in addition to color design and decoration, the reasonable arrangement of lights for the bathroom is one of the most vital factors.

There are three common types of lighting needed for the bathroom space.

Overall light

Purpose: provide overall lighting for the bathroom space, helping you move safely.

Suitable lamps for installation are recessed lights, ceiling lights, etc. Location: usually installed on the ceiling

Concentrated light

As light for tasks such as makeup, shaving, changing clothes, etc

Tip: Avoid installing lights above the mirror, but on either side of the mirror because when installing the light on the mirror, the light shines strongly on your forehead, making your eyes, nose, and chin hidden. This light is not only ineffective for makeup, shaving, and dental care but also makes you look older than your years.

Accent light

Accent lighting is like mood lighting. It depends on the owner’s preference.

Purpose: create accents, highlight a piece of art, highlight the characteristic elements of the bath that you want to show, such as tiles and beautiful glass sinks or create mood lighting for comfort and relaxation.

Arrange a natural lighting system with glass windows

Compared to indoor spaces, the bathroom is the place that needs to pay attention to the issue of using the most natural light. This light source helps the bathroom to dry quickly, kill mold and bacteria, and make the air inside more fresh and airy. One of the ways to provide natural light in the bathroom is to use glass windows. Ordinary windows do not guarantee privacy in the bathroom. So people often use glass windows for this room.

Dividing the space with glass walls is one of the ingenious solutions in the bath. A chrome bar for storing towels in front, like a hook on the glass wall just outside the shower door, comes in handy.

The transparent glass texture allows light to pass through giving the bathroom a bright cool look. The mix of natural and artificial light creates a sparkling, romantic atmosphere in the bathtub.

The best type of lighting for the bathroom

Bathroom lights meet the most effective energy saving, resistant to humidity, and soft light color.

LED lights are known for their high durability and low energy usage, they are not affected by humidity, low heat, etc., so they are very suitable for bathroom installation.

The choice of lighting depends on the size of the space

Regardless of the size of the bathroom before installation, it is necessary to accurately calculate the number of lights, arrange them evenly, and harmoniously combine the lights.

When light wastes lumens or produces ultraviolet rays, it’s never a good idea. Spacing between lighting is vital in a larger room.

For example, a large bathroom with only two lights will have dark spots. Even high-intensity light cannot cover all dark spaces if you know the distance distribution of the lights and the appropriate lamp power. The space will be airier.

By creating multiple layers of light in different areas, different light colors, and careful attention to detail, you can certainly achieve a lighting design that is both beautiful and effective for your bathroom.


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