For Europeans, a bathroom is a place of personal privacy, helping us to relieve the stress of daily life, as a paradise to relax and restore our health. Take a look at the European-style bathroom design trends!


Clean lines, uncluttered open spaces, and minimalist decor are all hallmarks of contemporary bathrooms. This decoration will often see brown wood used as the prominent color. The highlight is the details, sanitary equipment such as showers, door handles, and clothes hangers are made of metal. This style will bring minimalism and a clean feeling. Light and dark elements are used together to create visual contrast. 


Modern style bathroom is a bold, strong, and simple idea with straight lines, bringing a sense of cleanliness and sanitary equipment arranged conveniently. Straight, angular lines are a hallmark of modern bathrooms, and on countertops, sinks are often decorated with small details that sometimes include artwork like pictures. Besides the space for contemporary bathroom art, there are often dotted with a few green pots to create a feeling of closeness to nature, reducing stress for users. 


Bring ideas from the white sand beach and golden sunshine. Cool shades of blue and water are used to create relaxation and soothe the body. Decorations can include jute fabric, seashells, sand, and ocean-themed art. Striking white accents bring life to the bathroom and bring out the fresh hues of green.


The Victorian-style bathroom features design elements such as jewelry tiling, gold decorative accents, floral prints, a pedicure tub, and a foot basin. Popular decorative touches include painted handles, intricate rugs, and a mixture of different woods and finishes. White stands out in the Victorian bathroom and is strongly represented through the porcelain furniture.


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