The Cronos Crystal Collection combines luxurious accents and classical elegance into timeless significance in the bathroom. Round, faceted crystal handles of sophisticated Swarovski quality characterize this premium collection. The sparkling detail makes the expressive fixture almost come alive.

With the design of the “Cronos Crystal” series of fittings, Oliver Jörger combines modern design with decorative motifs based on the model of ancient Greek architecture. Reminiscent of ancient pillars, fine lines adorn the spout and body of the beautiful fitting.

Every detail on the shower surface is extremely finely crafted, possessing a unique touch full of elegance and nobility. Under the hands of artisans, the Coronos Crystal collection becomes an aristocratic masterpiece, turning your bathroom into a space not only full of art but also makes homeowners experience a sense of class even when enjoying the most private moments of relaxation.

Luxurious design: The idea from the regal detail on the classic mandible watch makes it seem to touch the symbol of permanence in the timeline. Not only the bathroom interior, this design also gives users the feeling of using products with sustainable value, despite the trend of the times.

Swarovski gemstone tap hand: Each crystal is meticulously sharpened with diamond cutting technology to enhance the elegant and magnificent beauty of the collection.

Precious 18K / 24K gold plating: Brings luxurious beauty to the shower kit, while helping the product to be durable, resistant to all impacts as well as all changes of the weather. As a result, this is a shower that really deserves your massive property and contributes to elevating the living space to become more aristocratic and classy.

Color palette with twelve unique surface colors: Diverse selection, creating a personal style mark and inspiring the owner’s bathroom space. With 12 surface colors, you can choose the tone that best suits your design style, making this shower an integral part of the living space. 

If you cherish precious moments of relaxation and want to give the best to those moments, Coronos Crystal is the perfect choice!


  • High-class brand from Germany
  • Development process with more than 100 years of existence.
  • Unique design language, promoting personal aesthetics.
  • The material of the product is made entirely from high-grade metals such as Gold, Silver, Crystal Stone, etc., and is granted with global certificates.

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