Each design style will suit the different needs and preferences of each homeowner. Known for the variety of designs and colors, products from the Innoci brand have proven to be highly applicable in many different styles.

Join Uuviet Solutions (UVS) for a tour to find out the suggestions for the 3 most popular bathroom styles in the Innoci showroom at our showroom.

Minimalism: gives an impressive look to the bathroom, creating a clean and neat feeling, very suitable for young families in small apartments.

Suggestions from UVS and Innoci:

  • Semi-negative lavabo saves space, suitable for apartments with a small area.

  • Popular chrome color shower and column shower, minimalist design suitable for many different spaces.

  • Rectangular bathtub leaning against the wall, integrated faucet on the wall to help reduce the area of use.

  • Fashionable 1-piece toilet, thin UF plastic lid, smooth opening/closing

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Modern style: Suitable for those who love personality, novelty, and breakthrough. Modern technologies are integrated with the products to create convenience, and suitable for many objects in the family.

Suggestions from UVS and Innoci:

  • Monolithic Lavabo is the optimal solution for the process of construction, installation, daily use, and maintenance and repair.

  • An intelligent toilet with a modern design integrates many features suitable for all users.

  • Personalized wavy shape bathtub massage version, available in two colors black/white and a 115-degree angled back design for maximum comfort when lying down.

  • Matte black column lotus with a square design style creates a strong and modern feeling.

Classic style: A little romance, classic will make your soul always light and airy, is the choice of homeowners who love class and sophistication in each design line.

Suggestions from UVS and Innoci:

  • Monolithic lavabo has a large size with a unique, soft teardrop shape.

  • One-piece toilet with a delicate curved design.

  • The bathtub has solid surface legs (artificial stone) for a luxurious feel.

  • The yellow faucet creates a noble accent.

  • Unique touch mirror.

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