BETTE POND – An oasis of peace in the design of the bathroom

BETTE is well known as a brand that reflects the rigor of German-made quality in luxury bathroom furniture. As a pioneer in technology using enameled titanium steel treated with a proprietary process operated in high-end design creations.

BETTEPOND SILHOUETTE design requires all Bette’s skills in shaping a gigantic circular bathtub with a perfect connection between interior and exterior.

BETTEPOND SILHOUETTE – Derived from the Essence of Early Design

The strength and formability of titanium steel have enabled the creation of a tub that measures 150cm in diameter and features an ultra-thin rim, providing a stylish minimalist aesthetic. In addition, the material is sturdy, easy to clean, and backed by a 30-year warranty. BETTE enameled titanium steel has a permanent color fastness and almost indestructible properties.

BETTEPOND SILHOUETTE by BETTE is the first circular freestanding tub made from enameled titanium steel, setting new standards in design and sustainable values for residential and commercial applications, which means can be installed for use in homes and hotels.

BETTEPOND SILHOUETTE with its spectacular circular design in form and size. Its exceptional diameter is made possible by the high stability of enameled titanium steel. The outside and the inside are seamlessly connected thanks to the high level of engineering.

Created as a reminder of the original shape of the “bathtub”, no edges, no beginning, no end. BETTEPOND SILHOUETTE – the most perfectly proportioned tub to create an oasis of relaxation in the bathroom.


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