Bette – the leading brand of sanitary ware in Germany, has been leading in the production of high-quality bathroom furniture from titanium steel alloy glazed with all-natural materials since 1952.

State-of-the-art line thermal processes enable the brand to create flowing shapes with extraordinary craftsmanship and precision. Bette products are one-of-a-kind, with a capacity of colors and sizes, creating an inspiring space in any bathroom design.

Enameled Titanium Steel – Dedication value for a sustainable future

Enameled titanium steel is one of the bright spots that make up the reputation of the Bette brand. With the saying: “We believe in lasting quality. The next generation says thank you.” Bette has chosen the natural materials of steel and glass, which combine to create a highly resistant steel enamel.

On the journey to affirm the values ​​of durable material, Bette has not disappointed customers when over the decades, high-quality products in enameled titanium steel have a longer life than other materials and become the best-chosen brand for the bathroom.

Coupled with a 30-year warranty, Bette shows the advantages of enameled titanium steel


Dirt and bacteria cannot adhere to hard glass surfaces. All you need to do is use a damp cloth, no need for specialized cleaners and still easily remove stains. That saves you time and avoids wasting too much water in daily life.


Bette bathroom products are overly strong and maintain a lasting aesthetic that will last for years. That is the high-quality standard that Bette has set herself. Because the brand believes that if there is a long-lasting high-class material, it will help better protect the environment.

Heat conductivity

Enameled titanium steel is a perfect conductor of heat. It quickly absorbs the warmth of the water, including in areas where it is rugged to conduct heat. It will give you a great experience, when using the healthy baths from Bette.

Good resistance

BetteGlaze® with flame retardant and non-flammable, even burning a candle won’t damage the tub with this enameled titanium steel.

UV resistant

Bette’s “Wet in Wet” process, the paint is uniform, durable and bright. That means that even after many years, the surface will still be as shiny as the first day.

Bette Midnight – The charm of creative quintessence in color effects

“We do not follow fashion trends, but define long-term development through regular communication with the market, with designers and other professionals” – Sven Rensinghoff (Head of Marketing & Product Management)

Personal style is gradually asserted and plays a vital role in modern lifestyle. Therefore, color becomes one of the reasons that determine the success or failure of any work of art. At the same time. Color also affects the emotions and subconscious of each person.

Bette has given you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of colors from a gigantic palette that will let you unleash your creativity with design ideas for your bathroom.

Gorgeous colors, sparkles, and shimmers are also becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms. The brand’s developed effect colors Midnight, Forest, Blue Satin, and Daylight open up new, inspiring possibilities for Bette bathroom fixtures and fittings.

The Midnight color effect that shines in the middle of the night is made of Anthracite charcoal with fine glitter that has been perfectly applied by Bette to the bath with sophisticated lines in the design.

The creativity in changing colors from mysterious to brilliant thanks to natural light effects will bring a new but equally sophisticated and luxurious look to your bathroom space.


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