Bette: Elegant, unchanged beauty

Environmentally friendly, 30-year global warranty on enamel surfaces are the advantages that help Bette bathtubs have an elegant, timeless beauty.

Bette bathtub is not only at the forefront of research, using enameled titanium steel as the central material, but also focuses on finding low-impact, 100% recyclable, extremely friendly materials with skin. There are outstanding advantages not all brands can do.

I. High-quality enameled titanium steel material - Timeless durability

Made from enameled titanium steel, the surface of the Bette bathtub is sturdier than marble, plastic, or steel: scratch resistant, chemical resistant, UV resistant, and heat resistant.

The Bette brand’s wet-in-wet enameling process has been perfected for decades, smoothing out bathtubs, shower trays, and sinks. And the ultra-thin three-layer permanent bonding process of a particular enamel formula with enameled titanium steel at a firing temperature of 850°C keeps the bath shiny like new, anti-fouling, anti-scratch.

II. 100% made in Germany

Products are manufactured only at the factory in Germany. Thanks to the uniqueness, customers are completely assured of product quality and do not worry about poor-quality goods.

III. 30 years worldwide warranty

Thanks to eco-friendly materials and long service life, all Bette bath products come with a 30-year global warranty on enamel surfaces that break all time and environmental limits, keeping the products always shiny.

IV. Affirm international quality products

Hand-casting techniques to make Bette bathtubs are unique in design, style, and color, helping homeowners experience freely expressing their ego while still retaining luxury and exaltedness. 

U.S.Green Building Council: in the United States.

Type III EPD Verification: Certification of products meeting environmental standards

The benefits of the enameled titanium steel tub

  • Persistent and sturdy.
  • Resistant to damage caused by chemicals and corrosive cleaning products.
  • Steel is a very hygienic surface. So dust and bacteria cannot adhere to it. Making Bette tubs superior to softer materials or tiled areas.
  • Shatter-resistant – The secret behind BetteGlaze® is the strength of the ultra-thin layer, which remains soft and resilient against the forces commonly found in the bathroom, providing absolute impact resistance.
  • Heat-conductivity – Enameled titanium steel is a perfect conductor of heat. Supporting the fastest absorption of water warmth, including the neck area and around the edge, helping users enjoy great comfort.
  • Scratch-Resistance – The surface of BetteGlaze® is sturdier than marble, plastic, or steel. It is unlikely to be damaged by any materials commonly found in bathrooms.
  • UV-resistance – Bette’s wet-in-wet enameling process helps the bath retain its color and prevent fading. That means that even after many years, the surface will still be as bright and shiny as the first day.
  • Heat resistance – flame retardant and non-flammable. Even a burning candle will not damage the surface.
  • Steel is pressed during manufacturing to produce sharp, clean, flat lines.

Bette Bathtub - Bringing convenience perfectly

Depending on the homeowner, Bette offers a variety of designs, sizes, and images to give you a feeling of relaxation. The surface is always smooth and anti-glare. Bette’s unique Bette Antislip Pro gives soft skin and a safe fulcrum.

On the other hand, bathtubs are covered with a transparent polymer film, minimizing water absorption after a long time, reducing dirt, and making cleaning easier. At this time, there is no need for detergents needed to wipe with a damp cloth. The bath will shine like new, saving time and protecting our environment.

Thanks to the variety in design, the Bette bathtub is suitable for all bathroom styles: classic, semi-classical, and modern, creating an irresistible luxury.

What could be better than being immersed in hot water with a high-class Bette bathtub after a tiring day of work and study? Thanks to that, users will be relaxed, relieve pressure, and regain energy for the next day.

==> Bette Bathtub – premium enameled titanium steel tub – exquisite choice, perfect for your bathroom.

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