Not only the toilet, but Axent is also the enjoyment of life and affirmation of users.

Using Polypropylene mainly material and activated by smartphones, luxurious toilets like thrones will surely help homeowners assert a class position that is hard to match. With the motto that beauty always comes from simplicity, Axent is a leader in toilet technology, helping people change the look of bathroom design.

Axent is one of the most searched products at UUVIET SOLUTIONS (UVS). From using a smartphone app to control the seat temperature and a Bluetooth speaker to create the most comfortable feeling. More specifically, One. Dial technology is designed according to the crown of a Swiss watch, making every operation simple and improving usability.

To deliver an eco-efficient, new generation of clever toilets, Axent has eliminated the need for toilet paper. Many typical toilets have two nozzles made from stainless steel, self-cleaning after washing, adjustable cleaning, strength, and water temperature.

In addition, the Axent toilet also impresses with its self-drying mode after use for a dry and clean feeling. VPlus flushing technology helps save water up to 25%.

The soft LED sensor light makes it easy to locate the toilet in dark spaces, especially for those with poor vision, such as the elderly and young children.

Most smart toilets are usually monolithic, with beautifully designed water tanks, lids, and flexible links, giving your modern bathroom a neat overall design.

Trendy design helps homeowners express their personality while affirming their class. Therefore, an Axent toilet with soft, elegant curves is the perfect suggestion, showing the owner’s delicate aesthetic gout.

The automatic opening and closing mode when someone is using it, limiting the need to touch your hands directly, and even having a speaker system that plays music when going to the toilet is a feature that no toilets or electronic device has. Any cap is available.

The sensor function activates deodorization to keep your toilet clean and free of unpleasant damp odors. UV rays are integrated on the toilet lid, working with a warm air drying system with optimally adjusted speed and air temperature, helping to maximize antibacterial protection to protect the health of homeowners.



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