Lavabo, also known as a washbasin, has become an indispensable accessory in every family’s bathroom. Choosing the right product is the secret to enhancing the overall beauty of the interior, at the same time, showing the level of the owner.

Let’s learn with Uuviet Solutions the four golden criteria when choosing the most suitable lavabo for your bathroom space:

High-class origin

Currently, on the market, there are many models of the lavabo with ambiguous origins. The advantage of these products is that they are cheap, hitting the psychology of consumers. However, the classy lavabo comes from the original. Imported CBU with shiny enamel, handmade patterns, and sophisticated design will highlight the user’s class.

As a member of Sanipex Group (UK), the Bagnodesign brand is built on the foundation of customer trust. Quality and service are considered core values of the company, as evidenced in projects across the fields: Villas, high-class apartment buildings, high-rise building projects, hotels, and 5-6 star resorts.

Luxurious style

A beautiful wash basin must have delicate lines and elegance for the overall look. Design diversity: Round, square, rectangular, oval, etc. Combined with new flexible shapes, create richness for the washbasin.

You can choose to go wild with eye-catching feature shapes or a washbasin model with angular lines, curving curves, and contrasting colors.

Diverse in designs and colors, Bagnodesign always sinks perfectly to meet all needs, unify bathroom space, and make a strong impression on users.

In harmony with the bathroom space

Choosing the size and considering the height of the lavabo table will make the process of using it the most convenient. The selection should take into account the feasibility of use.

Not only diverse in size, but Bagnodesign’s lavabo also offers a unique collection with a diversity of materials: Marble, bronze, porcelain, wood, etc. Creating a refined bathroom space economy and luxury. 

Handmade pattern

Bringing in many unique beauties from materials, patterns, and colors makes Bagnodesign’s lavabo superior to many similar products. In particular, with extremely sharp and meticulous hand-crafted motifs with skillful hands of artisans, combined with gold-plated details,… brings ancient and solemn features artfully.

The choice of beauty also depends on the aesthetic of each person. It’s important to make the equipment always in harmony and unity with each other to create a beautiful and sophisticated interior. Hoping this article will help you choose the right washbasin for your bathroom.


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