Have you come up with an idea to turn the bathroom into a festive “paradise” for this Christmas season? Let UVS suggest the bathroom decoration colors filled with a bustling atmosphere to welcome the Christmas season this year!

Certainly, when it comes to the warm festive season at the end of this year, you will think of typical colors such as red and green. However, there are still many novelty colors that you can apply to “blow-up color” for your bathroom space.

1. Luxury Platinum

The trending platinum color is a mix of gold and silver, creating a feeling of luxury, lightness, and coziness to help harmonize the sanitary ware in your bathroom. This color choice also makes it easy to combine with red, blue, pink, black, etc. To make the bathroom more lively and cheerful.

2. Retro black and white checkered pattern

A great idea to make your bathroom look great during the Christmas season when the combination of white and black creates a unique checkered pattern that makes the bathroom fun and classic. Or you can replace it with red and black or red and white to create accents for your bathroom.

3. Unique navy blue

This color has a great influence on the decorations in the house, such as furniture, accessories, paint, and even Christmas items. Navy blue can be harmoniously and beautifully combined with many colors, including white, silver, gold, platinum, and red, to create a modern and unique feeling.


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