Five reasons to own a BetteLux Oval bath this winter

Immerse in the warm water of BetteLux Oval in the cold winter. That sounds great! However, it will be a nightmare if the water “suddenly” becomes cold.

That is wonderful while immersed in a warm bath in the cold weather, helping protect body health and skin better when the northeast monsoon is coming. Although every bath offers a space to relax and clean the body for five reasons, it is impossible to ignore the “super product” from BetteLux Oval enameled titanium steel.

1. Elegant and flexibleThanh lịch, mềm mại

It is not an exaggeration to say that the BetteLux Oval bathtub looks simple but has a rare elegance. Thanks to the sophisticated design, highlight the bathtub lines. Depending on their needs, homeowners can comfortably use it as a floor-standing bath or build a suitable pedestal.

With many different sizes, the BetteLux Oval bathtub weighs 43.5kg, holds 150 liters of water, and has an ultra-thin rim only 8mm, giving an elegant, softened, creating harmony between luxury bathroom spaces.

2. Make your mark

As the most different compared to other brands, when owning a Bette enameled titanium steel tub, homeowners can create their unique impression when they request the company to engrave their name or a family anniversary onto the product. It creates an indescribable emotion, increasing the attachment of family members.

In addition, it will be a typical mark if you use the Bette enameled titanium steel bathtub as a gift for friends and relatives. A special gift from their heart. It not only means taking care of the health of those around but also helps the recipient always think of you every day, every hour.

3. Good heat retention

It is a perfect conductor of heat. Supporting the fastest absorption of water warmth, including the neck area and around the edge, helping users enjoy great comfort. It is nice to soak in warm water and relax after a long day.

Soaking in a warm bath has physical and mental benefits:

  • Relieves Aches And Stiffness: Soaking in warm water improves blood flow to the skin and muscles, accelerates recovery, and promotes joint homeostasis.
  • Reduce the risks of injury: Warm baths can improve lower back injuries and relieve pain by improving blood flow.
  • Increases blood flow: Warm water promotes the dilation of blood vessels, which helps blood circulation. Better blood circulation, more oxygen, and nutrients can reach the affected areas to restore the body.
  • Improve sleep: Taking a warm bath before bedding helps you have a good night’s sleep and relaxes both body and mind, making it easier to fall asleep.
  • Improves Inflammation and Metabolism: A study published in Applied Psychology found that a warm bath can help fight inflammation and regulate blood sugar.

4. Multi Coloration

No longer bored with the porcelain enamel color, BetteLux Oval has 13 different blazes: Simple, convenient white; Modern moss green; Chic beige; Curry color 040 is unique, etc. In particular, the exclusive Snow 440 color helps to enhance the creativity of the owner.

5. High durability, easy to clean

The surface of BetteGlaze® is sturdier than the marble, plastic, or steel found in bathtubs, so with usual use, it is unlikely to be damaged by any of the materials commonly found in bathrooms. With a warranty of up to 30 years on enamel surfaces, helping homeowners feel comfortable using.

On the other hand, the bathtub is covered with a transparent polymer film, minimizing water absorption after a long time, reducing dirt, and making cleaning easier. At this time, there is no need for detergents by wiping with damp clout, and the bath will shine like new, saving time and protecting our environment.

With convenient features, reasonable price, and long-term use, it will save money, so the BetteLux Oval enameled steel bathtub is the optimal choice for families. 


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