An intelligent bathroom brings comfort and relaxation to each family member.

The luxurious design, and bold art style of the 1960s, combined with the strong but full of antiquity helpful Brizo’s Levoir collection, makes a strong mark. Elegant, charming, but still very modern thanks to intelligent bathroom technology.

Design ideas

More than sophistication and fashion, the Levoir bathroom collection from Brizo brand is imbued with the classic aesthetic of the 1960s, helping homeowners “lost” in the Royal Palace and “turn” into success. Lady, Duke of England.

Not only that, the sophistication in product lines, featuring the curvature of classic London cars, combined with modern technology, honors the high-class bathroom space, imbued with a bold impression individual

Modern technology in the bathroom

With the development of today’s technology, Brizo’s designers have cleverly brought intelligent bathroom equipment into everyday life, helping homeowners improve space and lives.

  • Faucet: Famous for its Diamond™ Seal technology – A breakthrough technology that helps the faucet to last up to 5 million times of use, limiting water leakage after long-term use. Increase the life of the faucet.
  • An intelligent shower: With a larger faucet area than a regular shower, the whole body is covered with warm water from head to toe, enjoying a spa-like massage. In addition, Levoir showers also have especially technologies:

– Diamond™ Seal: Breakthrough technology Diamond-coated porcelain helps the faucet operate smoothly, limiting water leakage after long-term use.

– H20Kinetic®: Rain shower technology gives three times more water coverage but saves water up to 30% compared to conventional showers. Bring a refreshing bathing experience, differentiated by massage water beads.

– Hydrati® 2|1 Handheld Shower: Shower design with built-in shower — seamlessly held in place by MagneDock® technology.

– Physical evaporation plating technology: Creates many different plating colors, from ultimate colors like Chrome and luxurious like Gold to unique colors like Luxe Steel, Luxe Nickel, and Polished Nickel.

Variety of choices

Not only focusing on modern design ideas and technology, but Levoir also has many choices to suit the space and area of ​​different bathrooms:

– Handle: Different from other collections, Levoir handle has two options: Strong and minimalist, giving homeowners the freedom to express their personality

– Single-hole faucet, sink: With a convenient compact size that creates plenty of space, its slimline design is the perfect accent in almost any bathroom style.

– Faucet, wall-mounted sink: Exclusive contrasting design, the 3-hole wall-mounted faucet is suitable for mounting over either a modern sink or a traditional bathroom sink.

– Bathtub faucet: Very delicately designed to create its style with two separate forms: bathtub faucet placed on the pedestal and bathtub faucet combined with hand shower.

In particular, to demonstrate the product quality of Brizo – the leading luxury fashion faucet brand in the US, we commit to a 5-year global warranty.


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