About Bette

Bette started as a family company in Germany, since 1952 Bette has used enameled titanium steel as its main component. With a variety of colors and sizes, Bette’s products create a luxurious, classy, and unique bathroom space. Currently, Bette is present in more than 30 countries and territories.

"Titanium enameled steel" - the beauty of high-grade steel enamel

The main components of enameled steel include steel and vitreous enamel. If steel is a symbol of toughness, then glass material is resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and temperature. Besides, the glass has a flawless shiny appearance. With the heating process in a single factory in Germany, Bette creates products with absolute precision, environmentally friendly, and sustainable over time. Thanks to a unique casting technique, instead of stretching the steel, Bette smoothly pulls it back to its final shape with a force of 800 tons. Along with that, Bette’s products are made entirely by hand, so there is a variety of colors, up to 500 different colors.

Eco-friendly natural materials

Enameled Titanium Steel is a 100% recyclable material that is completely harmless to the environment. All products are ISO 14025 certified and LEED certified by the US Green Building Council. Bette’s packaging is also Intersoh certified – environmentally friendly. Photovoltaic system 20,000m2 with a capacity of 750kW and the ability to save 120 tons of CO2 / 1 month (equivalent to a car traveling 600,000km).

Worldwide product warranty up to 30 years

With eco-friendly and long-lasting materials, all Bette bathtubs, shower trays, and sinks are made to break the limits of time and environmental conditions. Keep the enamel surface like new after 30 years of use.

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