The house will become more valuable if you know how to beautify your kitchen. Try to refer to 5 ways to upgrade the kitchen space from DELTA – Raise the level for homeowners.

New tabletop

When it comes to upgrading the kitchen to add value, countertops are always at the top of the list. The appropriate materials can transform the look of your gathering space and provide outstanding durability and stain resistance for all your everyday needs. During the planning phase, consider expanding the kitchen’s functionality and creating a gathering area with family and friends

Cabinets and Hardware

Updating and upgrading kitchen cabinets help you increase your rate of return on kitchen remodeling. At the same time, increase the feeling every time you go to the kitchen. If you can’t afford new cabinets, there are ways to change the look of your cabinets by changing hardware finishes without going over your budget.


A new sink and faucet are the point of the kitchen and can add style and versatility. Delta Workstation sinks are designed to handle anything in the kitchen, with built-in WorkFlow™ bezels that let you seamlessly switch between tasks while providing extra prep space right above the sink.

If you’re going to replace your old faucet, try replacing it with a new one that makes things easier. Delta’s Touch2O® technology allows touching anywhere on the surface or handles to open and close the water flow. It is perfect for cooks with messy hands or parents with busy hands.

Nếu bạn định thay vòi cũ của mình, hãy thử thay thế bằng một chiếc vòi giúp mọi việc trở nên dễ dàng hơn. Công nghệ Delta’s Touch2O® cho phép chạm vào bất kỳ đâu trên vòi hoặc tay cầm để mở và đóng dòng nước. Đây là lựa chọn hoàn hảo cho những người đầu bếp với đôi tay bừa bộn hoặc những bậc cha mẹ có đôi tay bận rộn.

Backsplash Beauty

Modernizing the backsplash can be one of the simple kitchen update ideas that increase your return on investment in your kitchen remodels. There are formal and colorful glass panels and timeless subway tiles. The backsplash is a small space but affects optically.


Lighting is the key to brightening up your kitchen style. From central lighting where you want it to skylights or solar tubes that bring natural light where you need it, investing in lighting is always a good idea.

So how do you add value to your kitchen remodel? It is an investment account that can not only improve the monetary value of your home but also improve your daily life. For us, that is priceless.

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