Almost all bathrooms and toilets are usually designed with a small and narrow area. It is a drawback that makes many homeowners wonder what to do when they want to own a spacious space but still fit their lifestyle. You can note some of the solutions below.


For bathrooms with limited space, be careful in selecting furniture. Only install the necessary furniture and the items that support personal living: hygiene and towels. We can flexibly arrange in another location.


Color and style are decisive factors in making your bathroom more spacious and luxurious. You should not choose flashy colors and many cumbersome textures. Prioritize choosing light tones such as white, gray, and beige for walls and interior details. It will help your family’s small bathroom have an airy space without being cluttered and causing discomfort. You can choose beautiful bathroom tiles with sunken textures and neutral tile colors. These tile patterns will bring a sense of sophistication without causing discomfort.


We should use towel bars instead of old-fashioned hangers with messy shapes to save more space in the bathroom. The simple, sophisticated design of the hanging bar helps you have more space while creating a sense of order and ventilation.


A modern luxury bathroom is a comfortable one. Thus, if you want a more luxurious bathroom, you should not ignore the shelves and cabinets. If the homeowner wants to save bathroom space, they should use shelves and wall cabinets. These products are designed in a luxurious modern style that will contribute to the beauty of your bathroom. This way not only helps to minimize the space but also shows the unique taste and look of the owner.


For small bathrooms, you should choose a faucet with multi-function. A bathroom has many faucets for washing hands, which will take up a lot of space. A multi-tasking faucet is the best space saver and the best choice for small bathrooms.


Whether it is a bathroom or a living room, a large mirror is needed to expand the space. A glass door can deceive the eye through reflection. In addition, glass doors are also a good choice. Light through the glass door helps to expand the space, bringing a sense of dryness and luxury beauty.

UVS is the place where we provide superior solutions for furniture in the sanitary ware industry. If your family has interior problems, let us help redesign everything, giving you a convenient but modern bathroom experience.


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