Sunny and warm summer is a great time to refresh kitchens and bathrooms with new summer design trends. Thankfully, these design ideas are enough to shine in any season. Try these design tips from the Delta brand — most of which are easy to design with little to no effort.


Full-Color application:

The kitchen, refrigerator, coffee machine, and bold colors make the kitchen space cheerful and warmer. Shades of red and blue are both very delightful. Let’s select your favorite color, and don’t be afraid to mix it. No rule says it’s impossible to mix the colors of the coffee machine with the yellows and greens of the grass.

Decoration Principles: 

In the old days, mats and rugs in the kitchen only functioned as a footbed when doing household chores such as washing dishes. Today, a rug serves no purpose other than being a decorative luxury detail in a busy space.


Wall Art: 

Art should be enjoyed by everyone in the house. The bathroom is one of the most utilized places in the house, so why not equip it with framed pieces? Hang a favorite composition, but nothing too precious. Moisture can damage artwork — it’s best to stick art on canvas or use sculptures that are easy to maintain and durable in the bathroom.

Modern Faucet: 

The windowpane shower enclosure is one of those designs that never go out of style, guaranteed to bring the bathroom space to a new level of luxury. The look is unique but familiar and classic. If an enclosed shower isn’t your forte, a built-in one adds a strong bathroom décor with a modern flair. Sophisticated and classy in-wall is built to accommodate family members.


Hybrid Materials: 

Mixing materials is a great idea, not just adding an unexpected twist to any kitchen or bathroom environment. Elegantly repeat layers of textures such as wood, brick, marble, and concrete — in a space that creates a finished, customized, and unsurpassed look.

Unique design materials: 

To keep the look firm yet sophisticated, decorate with aesthetic and utility items, such as potted plants in vibrant ceramics or colorful quartz crystals. Both will add color accents and emotional energy to the kitchen and bathroom.

Discover metal design: 

Combining metals together adds a level of boldness to both kitchen and bathroom decor. Champagne bronze and matte black blend harmoniously in the same space, as do Chrome and stainless black.


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