Bathroom mirrors are household items. In addition to the purpose of mirrors, mirrors are also feng shui items that help circulate light and air very well, significantly improving good energy for the house.

However, the use of mirrors needs to be very careful because of feng shui. Toilets and bathrooms are considered unclean places. If the mirror is misplaced, it will accidentally circulate the bad energy.

1. Avoid hanging mirrors opposite the toilet

It is one of the cases where the mirror design is not suitable for feng shui that not all homeowners pay attention to. Because the mirror is optical, placing the mirror in this position will be harmful when using the toilet opposite the mirror. In feng shui, we often avoid mirrors in this place because we relax and rest, such as on the head of the bed.

2. Avoid letting the mirror shine directly into the bathtub.

According to the theory, the mirror is the object of the Water element. Bi-aquatic welding gas, which will be harmful, causes discomfort when taking a bath, leading to psychological grumble. When bathing, the body relaxes very easily to get terrible energy.

3. Hang many mirrors in the toilet

Most families hang multiple mirrors in the bathroom to create a sense of space expansion and enhance the decoration. However, in terms of feng shui, when hanging many mirrors, it is easy to create a terrible affection for health.

Going to the toilet at night will also make you panic when you look in many mirrors and imagine horror things yourself.

Let UVS bring three mirror hanging positions to ensure aesthetics and feng shui.

4. Hang the mirror on the bathroom door

Most feng shui practitioners agree that to prevent bad energy, the best way is to hang a long mirror behind the door. This mirror will push the negative airflow back and spread the light source to every corner.

5. Place the mirror near the window

Homeowners should hang the bathroom mirror near the window, especially where there are many trees and light. The mirror will become an item that accelerates the exchange of energy, circulates the bad air, and brings the atmosphere into space.

In addition, when we place the mirror near the window, the natural scenery outside is reflected inside and creates a pleasant and relaxing feeling.

6. Direction of hanging bathroom mirror

Feng shui experts recommend that you only hang mirrors in 3 directions: Southeast, East, and North because these three directions will help your family’s work and health always be abundant and convenient.

East direction: Strong health, no disease or illness.

Southeast direction: Business is favorable, and money comes in like water.

North direction: Quickly advance to the position.

It should be noted that do not place the mirror in the South direction. Because the South represents fire and the mirror of water, there will be conflict, which is not good.


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