The Jörger brand was founded in 1909. For over 100 years, the Jörger family has devoted all its passion to personalizing the experience in a harmonious bathing space. With unique design ideas and impeccable craftsmanship, Jörger creates unique pieces of timeless beauty.

Over the years, the Jörger family has maintained and developed the brand for four generations. It was created by the designer of a lavish bathroom for Mannheim Palace. And with his efforts, talent, and reputation, Bernhard Jörger and his father, Albert Jörger, created Jörger – a family brand maintained and developed by members. Jörger’s products are designed with unique artistic minds – meticulously crafted by the hands of talented craftsmen.

With unique design ideas and a distinct artistic aesthetic, Jörger creates unique design styles that represent timeless beauty. Each design style owns the beauty of both classic and modern but still clearly depicts and shapes the architectural style of the company, giving the bathroom space harmony and aesthetics, Jörger affirming the peak value of a European luxury shower and faucet brand.


CLASSICAL & ELEGANT: Classic and elegant, timeless beauty with black and white as the centerpiece creates a harmonious space that combines small textures in dark blue, elegant dark gray, and light beige. The distinctive highlight of the Jörger shower and bathroom accessories has a characteristic chrome color, which stands out among the usual porcelain white appliances.

MODERN & MINIMALIST: Emphasizing modernity in the construction of the bathroom design with natural materials, as the visual colors such as wood and gray stone and tropical-style windows create a balance between the class of modern bathrooms among the fresh colors of the natural landscape. Minimalist bathroom interior design featured by using angular equipment details, matte & chrome tones combined with visual geometry to bring perfect symmetry inside modern style & simplify.

LUXURY & AVANT-GARDE: Luxurious and unique, Jörger is perhaps one of the design wonders of the company, with the artistic touch of Art Déco architecture that changed a whole of Europe that only knew the school. Art Nouveau architecture. Luxury with bold tones and details, mirror lights, and more. Bringing luxury and accent to the faucet handle details are made of high-quality materials such as Bright Gold, Black Swarovski crystal, and marble. Avant-garde sets itself apart with the interior based on the golden ratio in spatial geometry and characteristic Roman architecture painted by Jörger Design.

ROMANCE & NOSTALGIA: Romance and nostalgia, Jörger’s concept is the value that the company always wants to breathe life into products and designs. Curved lines, harmonious arches. White and light pink tones dominate, gently stylized by the lighted color of the space, hand-crafted surface details in brass, light pink resonating with glass and marble materials. the Belle Époque, the beautiful period of prosperous Europe.

With Jörger Design, each design, each style has its own color, inspiration, and artistry, embodying the luxury value of a first-class masterpiece. But there is one thing that will always exist in Jörger’s design values. It is the value of time and is the foundation that has built a family, a high-class brand from Germany.


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