Unique artwork of alchemy

Brizo launches the new Allaria™ bathroom line, a rare work of Alchemy. To add stunning contrast, the collection begins with simple forms that combine with sophistication, creating a highly appealing twist.

Designer Maris Boris Prezzo states: “In the Allaria Bathtub Collection, minimal modernism becomes seductive. Handcraft is a priority as we blend lines with curves and create distinct finishes, including the clear buttons on our products. With meticulous detail in each product, the one-of-a-kind Allaria Collection was born with a purpose that inspires industry professionals to create world-class spaces.”

Curves in soft modernism

The Allaria™ Bath Collection is a carefully orchestrated composition of curves in geometry, offering customers a confusingly complex experience with this soft modernism. But it is this that makes Alleria charming in the most particular way. Attractive curved lines add minimalism to the entire shower space, including multiple configurations such as basin and tub faucets, custom shower components, and accessories with coordinated hardware and accessories elegance.

Artistic handle - Material catches the eye for the first time.

Available in both square and arc configurations, the ribbon faucet gives the feeling that you own a modernist bathroom space that’s been arranged. The sturdy handles add a magical touch to the collection when paired with a high-gloss Chrome finish, or not to mention Brilliance® – an artistic shade that creates an enchanting effect in a split cup or Luxe Gold® – an eye-catching, transparent material that catches everyone’s eye from the first time.

Each of the three handle options has been refined as much as possible. From the unsurpassed simplicity of the knob handle and the lines of the lever handle to the undeniable intrigue of the twist lever handle.

All contribute to the creation of the Allaria™ collection with great visual contrast.

The Allaria Bath Collection has just launched. For more detailed information on Brizo products, visit Brizo’s website here:


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