The development of society, the demand for living standards is also increasing. If the past, the kitchen was just a kitchen with the truth functions. Today, the kitchen is another face of the house, so in addition to the comfort factor, it must also show its own style. The kitchen design style has also changed since then. 

In particular, it is necessary to mention the design style that combines many materials. This style is derived from Jeremiah Brent – a designer known for his unique and irregular inspirations.


Whenever people think about designs made up of many diverse elements (whether in color, material, or otherwise), people often encounter a lot of difficulties. The concept of uniformity has and still influences thinking about design, especially the interior design of kitchens and bathrooms. That, the uniformity of all elements will bring a sense of neatness and neatness.

However, sometimes, the combination also brings surprisingly visual effects. In addition, the nature of this combination can also merely be a renewal for an already old space.


So, are there any rules for this combination? Designer Jeremiah Brent once shared that when designing any part of the house. Homeowners only need to consider two factors. Firstly, what material can make an impression at first glance? Second, what design style evokes inspiration and emotion?

In general, there is no single rule for a perfect match. Aesthetics are inherently an uncertain factor, all based on the look and style of each individual to evaluate. According to Mr. Brent, just the above two factors, no matter how contradictory it becomes, will still bring a certain effect

Nhìn chung, không có một nguyên tắc cụ thể nào cho một sự kết hợp hoàn hảo. Thẩm mỹ vốn là một yếu tố bất định, tất cả đều dựa vào cái nhìn và phong cách của mỗi cá nhân để đánh giá. Theo ông Brent, chỉ cần hai yếu tố trên, bất kể nó có trở nên mâu thuẫn như thế nào thì vẫn mang đến một hiệu quả nhất định. 


For the kitchen space, the combination of light and dark, between hard and soft materials, as well as angles and curves will bring a unique feeling. For example, if hard nickel is used for the kitchen rig, the delicate beauty of the Stryke Kitchen Faucet from the DELTA brand will be a great match. The two complement each other, creating a combination of modern and classic elements, between rigidity and lightness.


For the modern design style, neutral colors are chosen more than other tones. Because neutral colors are easy to combine with many options to bring a sense of harmony, lightness, and sophistication. However, the copper-gold product lines have made a distinct impression on the design of the kitchen and bathroom space.

The luxurious beauty of color and design sophistication of the DELTA Champagne Bronze™ Finish has brought a new look to the design style. The combination seems to be the opposite but creates a highlight, attracting at first sight. DELTA has recreated the beauty of the transition between modern and traditional, between elegance and dynamism.

With DELTA, the blend of materials also means creating a highlight for the space, creating innovation. However, innovation does not mean changing everything, just a tiny change in the interior is enough.  


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