On average, each person spends ⅛ of their time cleaning and bathing in this space. However, using the bathroom is not only for personal cleaning but also for relaxation. Suitable furniture, sanitary ware, and bathroom accessories will help you express your distinctive personality and lifestyle. Therefore, this space needs a lot of accessories. Join UUVIET SOLUTIONS (UVS) to see what bathroom space you have and what products are lacking.

1. Shower or bathtub

It is the optimal choice when your bathroom has a small area is the shower product, with a compact design and is easy to install. For larger spaces, you can use bathtubs to enjoy relaxation and comfort. In addition, you can also choose from standing showers, bringing a new feeling to bathing.

UUVIET SOLUTIONS (UVS) brings complete and optimal solutions from the top brands in terms of quality and design, including Innoci, Delta, and Brizo, … to create your own modern space.

2. Sink and Faucet

The sink is an indispensable device in the bathroom because of the daily need of each member. Currently, on the market, there are also many different types of washbasins, diverse options with many designs, sizes, and colors suitable for bathroom areas. Enclosed with the washbasin is the faucet, with different styles and models.

As a luxury shower brand, Brizo understands that fashion is not only reflected in clothes but also in style. Brizo’s unique designs complete the room and provide an inspiring space. The ultimate bathroom collections from Brizo are the perfect choice for those who love the modern style

3. Towel bar

A towel bar is considered an essential accessory in every bathroom. With many designs and integration of many shapes, hanging rods are loved by almost every home. That is a bathroom accessory often installed in places with high humidity. Therefore, stainless steel is the material applied to most models on the market.

4. Bathroom mirror

A high-end bathroom accessory that any bathroom should have is the mirror. Surely everyone wants to prepare themselves for a perfect appearance before going out. Therefore, the bathroom mirror will be more focused. A bathroom mirror of the right size and style must create a unique highlight for the space.



Established in 2010, Uuviet Solutions (UVS) is a leading distributor of comprehensive solutions for bathroom furniture and high-end security equipment in Vietnam with more than 10 famous brands worldwide, ranging from super luxury class (Jörger) to the 5-star segment (Brizo, Delta, Axent, Bagnodesign, Bette, Innoci, etc.). Multi-style, multi-brand, multi-segment – there is always more than one optimal solution for each individual choice at Uuviet Solutions (UVS).

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