DELTA is known for its groundbreaking and luxurious designs. The advanced functions are always renewed, bringing optimal changes and aesthetics. Each product line is carefully calculated from use to shape, giving customers the perfect experience.

1. Quiet breath from simple materials:

Few people know that the idyllic combination of brick, wood, and porcelain can make your bathroom space unique. For designer Sarah Sherman Samuel, the bathing space should be mysterious and boutique, a thoughtful retreat. (The boutique hotel is a small and medium-sized hotel with a limited number of rooms, usually no more than 100 rooms. Uniquely designed hotel style with a personal touch)

2. Optimize space:

Multi-use space design is a new trend in the modern housing style. However, optimizing space does not mean enlarging space by dismantling. The Handmade Home said: “When we created a change, we hadn’t thought to tear down the walls. Just the innovation in the interior brings new vibes to the existing walls.”. Soon after, a multi-use space was also formed.

3. DELTA - The driving force of innovation comes from technology:

Not everyone is ready for a full-fledged renovation. Addison’s Wonderland created a drastic change with the addition of DELTA products – including Glass and Faucet Cleaners with Touch2O® technology. With integrated technology gadgets, he turned the kitchen space – a space in design into utility and luxury.

4. Beauty comes from the simplest things.

It is the simple moments in life, like dancing in the kitchen after a great meal. It is the simple things that make everyday life magical.” – Tori Master shared, he added: “Speaking of miracles, our Delta Faucet Trinsic Faucet faucet with Touch®2 touch technology delivers on the aspiration to make dreams come true. A luxurious beauty on the outside with high-quality technology on the inside.”

With the DELTA brand, innovation is always accompanied by quality assurance in each product. At the same time, DELTA hopes to become an inspiration for the bathroom space renovation. Get rid of the inherent “bathroom – just for shower” and instead, turn the bathroom into a place to relax, full of subtle emotions.


Established in 2010, Uuviet Solutions (UVS) is a leading distributor of comprehensive solutions for bathroom furniture and high-end security equipment in Vietnam with more than 10 famous brands worldwide, ranging from super luxury class (Jörger) to the 5-star segment (Brizo, Delta, Axent, Bagnodesign, Bette, Innoci, etc.). Multi-style, multi-brand, multi-segment – there is always more than one optimal solution for each individual choice at Uuviet Solutions (UVS).

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