Scandinavian Modern – What is Contemporary Nordic Style?

First appearing in the 1950s, contemporary Nordic is part of a movement towards nature. Prioritize simple, affordable comfort over unnecessary luxury. The Contemporary Nordic style appears in fashion design, technology, furniture, and architecture.

When talking about the Nordic countries, we think of the cold climate, the fading sun, and the infinite nature. This habitat has been included as the foundational inspiration for the contemporary Nordic style. 

In this design style, we see smooth wavy lines reminiscent of wild nature. Light colors increase the brightness of the room in the middle of winter. Natural materials such as wood and leather. All to create a cozy and airy living space.

Use warm materials

The Nordic countries have a harsh climate. Therefore, people here prioritize using materials to create warmth for their homes. Hanoi winter is also very suitable to use these materials. Examples: thick wool bath towels and fleece bathrobes. These materials will be great for Hanoi winter. 

In the hot season, you can replace it with cotton or linen. Cotton can be knitted to create wool-like textures. And linen creates a rustic and airy feeling.

Choose a minimalist design with clean lines.

Scandinavian Modern is a subgenre of modern minimalism. Therefore, decorative objects with clean and gentle lines are always preferred. You also avoid placing dark, heavy carpets or choosing furniture such as shelves with bulky shapes.

Combination of wood and metal

Because it is a country with many forests, Nordic design always focuses on using wood. However, they also mix wood with metal to create sustainability and keep the interior slim. In addition, the Nordic style also favors brass accents, creating shimmering highlights for the room.

Prioritize neutral, pastel colors

Light gray with white. Sky blue, pastel pink, and canary yellow. These are very prevalent colors in the Nordic design style. Of course, the accent of the living space should be the boldest color. For example, a potted plant or a wall painting. But the rest of the items will have a more elegant color, helping to create a relaxed look. 

Choose a bright floor and wall color.

Usually, a Nordic house will have the walls painted completely white. The same floor is similarly light. To help the furniture become the focal point of the room. This interior design makes the living space seem larger and airier.

 “Invite” light into the house.

Because the sunlight in Northern Europe is quite pale and glimmering, people here prefer large glass windows as possible. Light curtains or made of transparent fabric.

In Vietnam, the equatorial light brightened the room without such a large window. And we also need dark window curtains to limit the light that is too bright. However, you can use roller blinds with a modern look instead of the usual bold-colored window blinds.

Keep the living space clean and airy.

Nordic people are very fond of a simple lifestyle. Don’t over-shop. Do not fill your living space with items. That is a prerequisite for creating a contemporary Nordic style. Therefore, think a lot before you buy. Open living space will help you relax – and reduce the need to clean up every time you get home. 


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